Eco-Friendly Home Items You’d Want in Your House Right Now

By  //  March 17, 2020

I’m sure more of us are environmentally conscious than ever, and that means you’re probably looking for household items to reduce your impact on nature.

Even barely thought of items from home can contribute to the problem of excessive waste globally. 

Some of these items are even more cost-effective and useful than their wasteful counterparts, and you will likely want them in your house right now. 

Eucalyptus and bamboo sheets 

Up to 20% of North Americans decide to toss their sheets in the trash after use, and considering that’s a population number in the hundreds of millions, that is a whole lot of garbage. Alternatively, people can opt for eucalyptus sheets or other unique bed sheet products that are biodegradable.

This can be a better alternative than throwing regular linen sheets in the garbage. The process itself of making these sheets is more water-conservative as well. Bamboo sheets are also an option for recyclable forms of bedding.

Biodegradable bamboo straws

I’m sure we have all seen the videos of animals being bombarded with how horrible plastic straws are. Apparently, over a million birds die a year due to choking on plastic straws, which is a pretty big number. If you consume straws in your home, the best thing you can do for the environment is pick up bamboo straws.

They’re entirely reusable, and they’re biodegradable, which means you are not going to impact any birds or turtles. You’re also going to save yourself some money that’s used to buy disposable straws in the long run. There’s really no downside to having this item in your home. 

Sustainable makeup removers

Makeup is expensive, and you don’t want it to cost any more than it has to. Maybe you’re making sure your makeup is cruelty-free already, and that is awesome, but what if it was good for the environment too? You can now remove your makeup with reusable pads that can be used many times without the need to throw them in the trash.

You can reduce your footprint on the environment and save yourself some money that would otherwise be used to buying more pads. 

Recyclable bamboo toothbrushes

How often we throw out our toothbrushes isn’t often on our mind, but generally, they’re composed of plastic and aren’t breaking down anytime soon.

They are a necessity for everyday life, but they don’t need to have a negative impact on nature either. You can circumvent throwing more plastic in the trash by investing in a bamboo toothbrush, which like it’s straw counterpart is biodegradable.

The expense on these toothbrushes isn’t a huge investment over what you would normally spend on any other toothbrush, and it’s a small price to pay for helping the environment.

Biodegradable “Doggy Bags”

Dogs have to go to the bathroom too, but unlike us, most of their doggy waste ends up in a plastic bag and thrown in the trash. While dog waste itself might not be bad for mother nature, the plastic bag definitely is.

If you want to recruit your furry friend into the world of eco-friendly habits, you can try disposable doggy bags that break down over time.

There are a plethora of options out there for this item, and they are of varying price ranges. It’s really a no brainer if you want to keep your whole family’s waste down to a minimum. 

Wool dryer balls

Dryer sheets are one of those items that are entirely necessary to make sure our clothes are clean. Sure, they do have the added benefit of removing lint and hair, but we’re throwing out an awful lot of sheets for our weekly laundry.

If you are tired of filling up your wastebasket with dryer sheets you might want wool dryer balls. They help reduce moisture in your clothing and they’re reusable for hundreds of loads.

They’re also made from naturally-based products and won’t contribute to your garbage output as much as sheets. If you’re attached to the idea of scented sheets, you can always put a small amount of essential oil on the ball to transfer the smell. 

As consumers, our buying power can help shape the world to become a more sustainable place and our decisions on what we purchase tell big companies what we think is important.

Aside from having a short-term impact on our garbage output, our purchase decisions contribute to a long term change in perspective.

It does not take much to switch out one or two habits and make some changes to be as eco-friendly as possible. If you’re looking to be the change you want to see in the world, there are plenty more products out there to consider!