Five Simpler Signs In Naming a Deserving U.S. Triple Crown Bet

By  //  March 25, 2020

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The U.S. Triple Crown Series is the most celebrated horse racing event in America. It is attended by all three-year-old racehorses all over the world to get the chance to win more than a million-dollar prize.

The U.S. Triple Crown Series is the most celebrated horse racing event in America. It is attended by all three-year-old racehorses all over the world to get the chance to win more than a million-dollar prize.

Aside from that, hundreds and thousands of fans and bettors are highly anticipating this event. 

Moreover, the U.S. Triple Crown comes in three horse racing legs. It begins with a Kentucky Derby, then the Preakness Stakes, and closed by the Belmont Stakes.

It is held annually starting May; however, since the world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Triple Crown won’t start until September this year. 

Aside from the racehorses that the fans are waiting to see, the betting games are the reason why this event is popular. Because of it, the competition during the wagering games becomes tighter, as well as picking the correct entry to bet.

If you’re currently learning how to choose a racehorse winner, here’s the most practical way to make it more profitable and easier. 

A Need For Speed

The U.S. Triple Crown Series and other horse racing events is a competition of the fastest horses inside the racetrack. The horse must showcase good stamina, agility, and confidence that can give them a fighting chance to win the race. More than anything else, the speed of the horse is the most critical factor you need to consider. 

In choosing an appropriate Triple Crown winner showcasing an incredible speed, you can refer to the three racing segments: the Kentucky Derby betting lines, Preakness Stakes 2020 odds, and the Belmont handicaps.

Do know that a Triple Crown winner can only get the title if he wins the three racing competitions. 

Find The “Leaders” 

Another simple technique you can use to select a deserving Triple Crown bet is to look for the leaders. First, you need to find the racehorses who have accomplished exemplary horse racing records.

The Triple Crown is not an easy road to take, and every competing horse must establish a form that can highly convince you to bet for them.

Next to the leading horses, look for the strongest trainers and jockeys. Again, the racehorse trainers are the ones responsible for honing their ability.

They are the ones who develop the racehorse’s running style. At the same time, the jockeys are the ones controlling the racehorse’s speed during the competition.

Looking for a high-profiled trainer and jockey can help you pick the right Triple Crown bet. 

Consider The Post Parade 

Although the term is called a “post-parade,” this usually happens before the start of the racing game. All the Triple Crown entrants will stay at the grandstand to do their warm-up exercises in preparation for the big race.

This way, you can observe which racehorse you can wager to get the Triple Crown. 

In looking for a deserving Triple Crown bet, you must find a racehorse that comes with a lovely arched neck, alert stride, and shiny coat. On the other hand, if a racehorse exhibits a nervous aura because he looks anxious or is sweating a lot, then that horse is not in its best form and might not win the competition. 

Reflect On The Course Form 

All the racing events that make up the Triple Crown Series are done on a dirt track. The Kentucky Derby has a 1 ¼ mile running distance.

The Preakness Stakes, on the other hand, comes with a 1 3/16 running distance, while the Belmont Stakes has the longest track measuring 1 ½ mile. 

So, it’s essential that you carefully study each Triple Crown entry that can saddle up to these course forms and distance. It would also be helpful to consider an entry that has accomplished horse racing competitions done on a dirt track as they have higher chances of winning. 

Pedigree And Origin 

This tip might not be significant for some, but this would help in selecting the right Triple Crown winner to bet. The pedigree is the overall breed of the racehorse which they can gain from their sire.

Historically, most Triple Crown winners come from a family that accomplished the same recognitions. 

Also, the origin refers to the allowance, claiming, and optional races that these horses had overcome. These races are the basis of the breeder to bid and own them.

If they have been doing great for these initial races, then they are also excellent in stakes races like the U.S. Triple Crown.


Picking a perfect Triple Crown bet is quite challenging since all the racehorses joining the competition have prepared for months, even years, to deserve the crown.

Thus, if you are a seasoned bettor who needs the right betting timing and strategy to earn big, applying the tips above on how you can form the exact Triple Crown bet will surely aid you in gaining a bountiful profit.