Get to Know the Principles and Rules of Online Blackjack

By  //  March 8, 2020

The main goal of twenty-one is to have a hand close to or equal to that amount. This is the reason why it can also be called 21.

The main goal of twenty-one is to have a hand close to or equal to that amount. This is the reason why it can also be called 21.

Known as one of the most famous games in the world, it is very simple and yields good profits for bettors, in addition to the adrenaline that the matches can provide.

Whether on the computer, smartphone or tablet, you will love the quality of the games. Each player has a different strategy, but

with online blackjack you should count on an extra dose of enthusiasm as the virtual machines have random number generators.

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Card Value

The concept of values ​​is essential to understand how to play 21. Each card has a different score and as the objective of the game is to have a hand that approaches 21, you will need to know how to count the cards in an agile way.

• Cards with numbers: the value represented on the cards is the official value.
• Checkers, Jacks and Kings: each is worth 10 points.
• Ace: this card has a value that will be defined according to the game which can be 1 or 11.


Another important feature of this game is that there are specific words and terms in blackjack. – Hit: the hit is used when you want to receive more cards. You can take as many cards as you need. Be careful not to exceed the number 21.

• Double Down: Double your stake when you see that you can win the game.

• Stand: with stand, you will stay with the current hand, without receiving any cards. When there are no more card exchanges, the dealer will show his hand and decide the game.

• Split: when the player receives 2 cards with the same score, he can split the game in two.

• Insurance: if the banker has an Ace, each player will be able to take out insurance and receive at least half the amount that was wagered.

• Surrender: when you surrender you will lose half the amount you bet. The bettor can give up his game when he realizes he will lose.


To start the game each bettor will receive 2 cards with values ​​shown. The only opponent of each bettor is the dealer who will also receive 2 cards, only one with the values ​​shown.

After receiving the hand, each bettor must decide whether to draw more cards, keep the cards, split if the value of the card is equal or double the value of the bet. If the banker has up to 16 points he will ask for another card. If the value is greater than that, it must remain with the hand.

At the end of the bets, the dealer will show his closed card and everyone will know who the big winner is. The online game is even simpler as all values ​​will be automatically added up and several options will be easily accessible to the player, such as doubling the bet or surrendering.

Now that you have some basic notions of how blackjack works, take the opportunity to play online and for free, be part of the growing number of people who have already surrendered the fever of the moment.

If you like strong emotions and a lot of adrenaline you will certainly appreciate 21, a game made especially for fans of good card games.