How to Be the Best Valet Service

By  //  March 5, 2020

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Although some people might choose to clean their own cars, there are many who would prefer to use a valet cleaning service.

Although some people might choose to clean their own cars, there are many who would prefer to use a valet cleaning service.

This could be because they don’t have the time or ability to do it themselves, and using a professional service is simply more convenient. 

As there is a requirement for valet services, the opportunity to establish your own business in this field is available. If you currently own, or have been thinking about starting your own valet cleaning service, follow these tips on how to be the best.

Mobile or Fixed Premises?

This could all depend on your financial position and preference. If you want to trade outside of a commercial premise, you will need to consider the rental costs of such a space. Not only this, but whether or not it has room for all the equipment you will need and the cars themselves. 

Having a mobile service will allow you to visit your clients at their homes, which could be more of an incentive for customers to hire you.

For people who do have little time, it could be beneficial to have a valet come to their door instead. This could lower your outgoings as you wouldn’t need to pay for the workspace. However, perhaps combining the two would be the best business model if you could afford it, as this would offer your customers the best of both worlds. 

The Right Utensils 

No valet can do their job without the proper tools. You will need to purchase high-quality cleaning products, such as glass cleaner and right detergents for different upholsteries.

Additionally, buying industrial washers like steam cleaners are a must. Although power washers are just as effective, due to their more delicate nature, steam cleaners are gentler on cars and the engines. For the best quality steam cleaner, consider purchasing one from Fortador USA.

Customer Service

Every business needs to uphold high standards of customer service. Unfortunately, bad reviews travel further than positive ones, which means keeping the customer satisfied is essential to a prosperous business.

Be friendly and welcoming, listen carefully to what their needs are. Consider offering a loyalty discount scheme, too. These are great ways to keep customers coming back to you. 

Refine Your Skill-Set

As a valet you will be working with people daily, whether that is interacting with your customers or other members of your team. Therefore, brushing up on your communication skills is a good idea. You will also need to be good at paying attention to detail, ensuring everything is done to the highest standard and the vehicle is taken care of.

It might even be beneficial to have basic knowledge in mechanics, as this could help you spot any possible issues with your client’s car. However, you should always send them to a professional mechanic if any work needs to be carried out. 

Like any business, good customer service and quality work will keep your company going. Follow these guidelines to help make your valet service the best in the business.