How to Move on After the Breakup of an Online Relationship

By  //  March 2, 2020

There might be a perception that an online breakup is much easier to deal with than its equivalent in the real world.

There might be a perception that an online breakup is much easier to deal with than its equivalent in the real world.

After all, isn’t that one of the main attributes of Internet dating in the first place, the fact there is so much choice?

So if one particular relationship doesn’t work out, there will be many other opportunities to connect with someone more suitable.

Unfortunately, the truth is a lot more complicated. Just because you’ve made contact on a site like this is no reason why severing the connection shouldn’t be just as traumatic as an offline split. But here are ways to move on after an online relationship breaks up.

Don’t over-analyze why it didn’t work out

If you want to move on after the partnership has ended, one of the worst things you could do is dwell on what went wrong. There may be a particularly good reason why things finished the way they did, or there could be underlying factors that accumulated over some time.

If you want to put a positive spin on events, don’t be tempted to fret about things you might have done differently. The best advice is to draw a line under the breakup and look to the future.

Reconnect with other aspects of your social life

Rather than focusing on the negativity, why not regard this turn of events as indicating a crossroads – a point in your life where you can make a new start? If you’ve been involved in a fairly intense relationship, it may be that you have lost touch with friends and family you used to see more regularly.

Look upon this newfound freedom as an opportunity to reconnect with people you haven’t been socializing with for some time. Make plans to go out with friends, visiting new locations, drink some fresh cocktails and smoke flavored CBD shisha.

Take a break from online dating for a while

When an online relationship finishes, the obvious temptation is to try and climb straight back ‘into the saddle.’ After all, the dating environment can present so many opportunities, especially for people who find themselves newly single.

However, it would be more beneficial for your wellbeing if you were to take a step back from dating websites for a period. Getting back into online dating will only remind you of the person you’ve just disconnected from.

Far better to refresh your leisure activities, looking for alternative ways to spend your time. You can always return to your favorite website once you’ve decided you have achieved closure and are ready to move on.

When you go back online, try different websites

If you met your ex-partner on a certain website, it would be a mistake to return here, at least until you have left a sufficient cooling down period. The very layout of the pages will remind you of happier times when you used to exchange messages and trade intimate secrets.

You might even come across their profile again when you browse, so just think of the impact of reading their details and realizing they’ve just changed their status to ‘recently single.’ There are so many dating sites out there, so there is no reason to be tied to one which provokes memories.

Avoid the temptation to check on social media

It’s best to make a clean break if your online relationship has come to an end. If you have got into the habit of participating in your ex’s social media, browsing through their Instagram images and liking or commenting on their Facebook posts, it’s time to ‘unfriend’ yourself or ‘unfollow’ their profile, thus cutting those ties.