Seven Fast-Facts About The Belmont Stakes

By  //  March 11, 2020

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The Belmont Stakes is the last installment of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. It follows after the Preakness Stakes, which is preceded by the Kentucky Derby.

The Belmont Stakes is the last installment of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. It follows after the Preakness Stakes, which is preceded by the Kentucky Derby.

Although it’s the final race, it is the most important event as it is where the Triple Crown winner gets declared. It also has the longest running-distance racecourse to test the real ability of the horses. 

This year, the Belmont Stakes is bound to happen on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at Belmont Park, Elmont, New York. The horse racing fans can expect another set of racehorses gracing the dirt track.

Also, the list of contenders, including the  Kentucky Derby and the Preakness winners are expected to partake in the Belmont Stakes to vie for the Triple Crown title. 

While this event is still far to know the current odds and entries, let’s first understand how Belmont Stakes was established. As such, let us know some trivial facts about this event to excite you more in heading to this racing show.

Belmont Stakes Has Its Nickname Too 

It’s no secret that the Kentucky Derby is popularly known as the “Run For The Roses,” and the Preakness Stakes is a race for the “Black-Eyed Susans.” While these two races are known for such names, the Belmont Stakes has its nickname anyhow.

It is known as the “Run For The Carnations.” It is because the winner of the Belmont Stakes is draped and awarded by a blanket of carnations. These are exclusive white carnations that were purely hand-picked to emphasize the significance of the event. 

It Was Put To A 2-Year Suspension

Initially,  sports betting in the United States was not legalized. The debate for the legalization of sports betting is still circulating in the legislation of America.

Although some states legalized sports betting, other places were not awarded yet by a go signal. 

During 1911 and 1912, the Belmont Stakes was not celebrated after the government banned all horse racing shows in the United States. An anti-betting law was passed; however, in 1913, it was lifted, and the Belmont Stakes continues until today. 

Trainers With The Most Win 

James G. Rowie Sr. is a racehorse trainer w hotallied the most number of  Belmont Stakes wins. He recorded eight Belmont Stakes accomplishments and was one of the best jockeys from 1871 to 1873. He was also considered as the youngest racehorse jockey to win the Kentucky Derby

Aside from that, Eddie Arcaro and Jim McLaughlin are notable Belmont Stakes jockey that accomplished six wins. In two separate stretches, McLaughlin was able to produce three consistent  Belmont Stakes finishers.

On the other hand, Arcaro was the most famous Belmont Stakes jockey who won the Triple Crown title twice in a row.

Belmont Stakes Best Racehorse

As stated, the Belmont Stakes has the longest-running distance out of the three racing shows that make up the U.S. Triple Crown Series.

It is where the racehorses get tested with their real ability and speed inside the dirt track, hustling a lot of obstacles before they reach the finish line. 

Historically, Secretariat is the most famous horse that recorded the fastest running speed that took place during the Belmont Stakes. In 1973, he accomplished the 1.5-mile racecourse within 2 minutes and twenty-four seconds.

He ended in 31 lengths making the biggest margin in the history of horse racing. This record is still not broken until today. 

Biggest Underdog Wins Belmont Stakes

In any given horse racing event, especially in the Belmont Stakes, favorites are always seen as underdogs.  In 2002, the Belmont Stakes recorded the biggest underdog to win the title by the name of Sarava. He only generated an odds value of 70/1, but still managed to finish the race with optimum speed. 

The First Female Jockey

Horse racing events are not only for men but also for women. In 1933, Belmont Stakes made history by hailing Julie Krone as the first female jockey to win the Triple Crown during the Belmont Stakes. 

The Largest Crowd

Every year, the Triple Crown Series can attract hundreds and thousands of crowds all over the world. It comprises horse racing fans, bettors, as well as famous celebrities who’d like to see an action-packed horse racing show. 

In 2004, the Belmont Stakes recorded the biggest audience size, which is around 120, 139. It had taken place by the time Smarty Jones attempted to clinch the Triple Crown but was upset to Birdstone. 


The Belmont Stakes is the most exciting horse racing leg of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. It is where you can see Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes finishers competing and doing their best to vie for the Triple Crown title. As such, this year is another awaited Belmont Stakes event you shouldn’t miss.