Six Ways to Promote Your eCommerce in Instagram

By  //  March 7, 2020

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Instagram can be very useful for eCommerce if among its subscribers will be someone other than its founders, their friends, and relatives.

Instagram can be very useful for eCommerce if among its subscribers will be someone other than its founders, their friends, and relatives.

The main thing – skillfully lead it and responsibly approach the expansion of the audience.

If you still do not know why to promote your store on Instagram, here are 4 main reasons for this.

Reason #1. Sales.

Instagram is a great showcase. Here you can open your online store even without a site, basket, and button “buy”. Orders are placed by mail, phone, SMS, and WhatsApp.

When your Instagram-shop gathers many target subscribers, becomes loved and recognized, and you decide to open a full-fledged site on Magento Hosting, it will be much easier to bring your customers to it. Just enter the site address into your profile and mention it in the posts.

Reason #2. Informing about promotions, news, and novelties

Like in any social network, an Instagram account is a convenient way to communicate with subscribers and provide them with the necessary information. For example, about the fact that you have started a promotion or that new products have arrived.

How often does a person remember about some store and go to the site? Not very often. But he looks through the Instagram tape all the time and, of course, he will notice your post. Accordingly, the more subscribers you have, the easier and faster this information will be distributed, to help boost your following you should consider using iDigic for Instagram.

Reason #3. Brand recognition and audience loyalty

Internet sales have one nuance: no one sees the seller and no one knows. That means that this seller can easily be a fraud, there will be no one to make claims.

Active and popular profile on Instagram allows you to make friends with your audience, show them that you are not a robot or cheater, but a lively and good person. In the store, which, by the way, there are many great things.

Reason #4. Client base.

Subscribers are your client base. Of course, we are not talking about cheating, but about target subscribers who have voluntarily subscribed to your account because they are interested in your content. The more subscribers you have, the more feedback (both positive and critical) you get.

Take a snapshot of your target audience and understand what customers like, what they don’t like, and what is worth working on – it’s all easy to do with a popular Instagram account.

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Instagram automation

So how do you make your Instagram popular? There are 6 ways to make it popular.

1. Communicate!

It means that you need not only to actively manage your account but also to scroll through other people’s accounts, bark photos, write comments to them and communicate with other users. And they will subscribe to you – mutually!

To find people who have similar interests to you, a search by hashtags will be useful. Less obvious, but also effective – look at the subscribers of your competitors, those who like them! Most likely, they will also be interested in your product.

Communicate, write comments, respond to comments. And you will be happy.

2. Conducting contests!

They are held on the principle of sundress radio. You place a picture – as a rule, it is a prize photo and organizational information about the contest.

Participants must subscribe to you and repost this photo (by clicking on the link to the organizer or indicating the contest hashtag). The number of participants will grow avalanche-like! It is important that the prize is really weighty so that you want to fight for it.

Please note that now Instagram has a lot of people who create accounts only for participation in the contests. There are no benefits for you from them (they won’t buy anything from you), so you can specify in the conditions that only “live” accounts consisting of repost are accepted for participation in the contest.

3. Comment from the celebrities!

It is very simple. Celebrities have many followers who actively communicate in comments. And your response will be noticed there too – and, most likely, even move to your account if they are interested.

But you have to write wisely, comments like “buy clothes from us!” all annoy – and you for them can even block. So it is better to write more meaningful things, which, in addition, corresponding to the audience. 

4. Ask others to praise you.

By the way, it would be great if you didn’t praise yourself in the star’s comments, but you would be praised. For instance: “Nice dress! I was looking for the same one, I found it at @lalala”. First, the celebrity herself can look at the light, see what kind of dress.

5. Advertise to celebrities.

You can buy ads from the owner of a popular account – why not? Social networks are good that with any star can be written off, the question – in the price that will suit her.

There are two options to appear on Instagram celebrities:

Give a product and hope that she will appreciate it and write it in her account. As you understand, there is no guarantee. But the expenses are not very high either.

Arrange for paid advertising. As a rule, all the celebrities who are ready for such cooperation, indicate in the profile contacts.