The New Vision of Fashion

By  //  March 27, 2020

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While there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s really interesting to see how the trends come and go. There’s always a fresh take on an old perspective.

While there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s really interesting to see how the trends come and go. There’s always a fresh take on an old perspective.

That’s why it’s great to keep up with the conversations happening within the fashion industry.

Not only do fashion experts lead the conversation through op-ed pieces and documentaries, but people guide the conversation with what they choose to purchase. With that understanding, consider what the new vision of fashion is right now.

As more people begin to work from home and enjoy a better quality of life, more people want to wear garments that are comfortable yet stylish.

Once a person sits in sweatpants for days on end, they’ll start to feel frumpy and uncomfortable. Instead, many people are looking for chic yet easy ways to look polished yet comfortable. Thankfully, many companies are producing athleisure lines.

With stylish leggings, fashion-forward sneakers and incredibly fly jackets, it’s really easy to throw on matching sets for a day in the home office or a quick run to the local grocery store.

As the athletic lifestyle is creeping into more homes, more people want clothing that they can wear to the gym without looking like they’re on their way to the gym. A few sets of great athleisure wear always work flawlessly in a closet.

90s Street Wear

Some people herald this era as the time with the best music, fashion and pop culture moments. If you’re someone who’s in love with the nineties, the decade is here.

It’s made a full comeback. With chunky Doc Marten boots, sneakers with thick soles and loose pants suits, many people are adopting the styles that were associated with the nineties.

You can opt to put your own fresh spin on some of the classic nineties pieces. If you love graphic tees, get a few as a nod to the era. You can also stock up on brightly-colored jeans, distressed jeans and leather jackets.


Alternatively, there is a growing group of women who prefer the monochromatic look. Neutrals are very popular with pop culture icons like the Kardashians.

Use the famous sisters as inspiration for purchasing monochromatic outfits in colors like tan, black and taupe. Neutral colors represent simplicity.

They’re also very easy to style. If you’d like to introduce a snakeskin print to an outfit, you can easily do so. Neutral tones are also slimming.

Whenever a person wears the same color from head to toe, it has a tendency to make them look slimmer and taller than they actually are. When it pertains to shoes, clear, acrylic or plastic options are in style.

There are tons of clear mules and pumps that work perfectly with any outfit. When you’re able to choose options that are versatile, you’ll save more money in the long run. Plus, the clear options will continue the nude look from head to toe.


Global warming is a very real issue that is negatively impacting the world. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is known as the second-most wasteful industry in the world.

With fast fashion companies and wasteful consumers, it’s really hard to get ahead of the curve. This is why there are many retailers who’ve made it their mission to change the trajectory by providing sustainability in various ways.

When you’re looking at the new vision of fashion, you’re also looking at sustainability in the form of thrifting, recycling and more. Thrift stores will continue to be a hit for those who are trying to get more for their dollar.

However, many reselling sites like Poshmark and eBay give garments a second or third chance with a new consumer. Instead of throwing away clothing, people can clean and list their gently-used items.

In many cases, people have brand-new items they have no intention of wearing anymore. When these items are donated or sold to other people, this keeps the life cycle of those garments going.

This also saves those garments from ending up in landfills. There are many people who are enamored with this sustainable solution for the fashion industry.

Sustainability also comes in the form of packaging. Many retailers use plastic and other fillers to ship their packages. This is a very wasteful way to ship.

Thankfully, there’s a new wave of retailers who are using sustainable poly mailers and other options that are made for recycled goods in order to cut down on unnecessary waste.

As you learn more about what’s happening within the fashion industry, consider where you fit in. Think about the perspective you’d like to share within your own fashion vision.

Consider whether you’re a trendsetter or someone who prefers to play by the rules. Neither one is bad or good. It’s really all about being true to what you want, and honoring that.

As you pay attention to trends and get a good understanding of what you like, you can cultivate your own vision of fashion that’s both interesting and new.