Top Mobile App Designs for 2020

By  //  March 10, 2020

The mobile app industry has become popular, with 2.53 billion individuals currently using a smartphone and with a revenue forecast of over 188$ billion in the next few years.

The mobile app industry has become popular, with 2.53 billion individuals currently using a smartphone and with a revenue forecast of over 188$ billion in the next few years. 

Around 180 billion apps were downloaded from the app store in 2017 alone. This is why the mobile app market has been considered the best investment in the future.

It is essential to provide high-quality value-added development and design trends for building apps that provide the best user experience.

Latest technologies like Artificial intelligence augmented reality, and biometrics are used by the Top Mobile App Development Companies that initiate the footsteps for the Mobile app design trends for 2020 and beyond.

It is clear by now that the app’s design plays a vital role in making the app successful in the market. It has the potential to melt the hearts of people by displaying prompt content in an attractive visual form.

A user’s first judgment will depend on its design – the visual representation of the app. 

But the fact is that the latest Mobile app design trends keep on changing consistently. Hence any designers and developers in the mobile app industry need to keep updated on these trends for the app to be a success

The below list provides the top mobile app design trends that are going to revolutionize the industry in 2020 and beyond.

Keep it simple

The most relevant mobile app design trend for 2020 is to keep it simple as much as possible. People love the simplicity and ease of using apps; the number of elements on the screen will only be a distraction to the user. Users don’t appreciate unnecessary details on the interface and current emphasis on more simple designs and interfaces, which eventually improves the user retention rate for the app.

Better UX 

User experience (UX) also plays a vital role and takes a position on leading trends of 2020 The app developers must have good knowledge and should know how to work on this front to create amazing user experiences by incorporating personalized designs for a smooth and seamless UX while using the app 

Faster App Performance

Mobile app development companies list the importance of speedier app performance as one of the most significant design trends of the future. Top app development companies are working hard to bring the best performance of their apps for a more unique and faster user experience.

As more and more, high performance and high-speed smartphones are released every year; users have become impatient if the apps don’t meet their expectations. So app developers must ensure the apps do well in all conditions.

ChatBot integration

The User interface can be made more conversational with the integration of Chatbot with the app and is considered as the latest Mobile app design trends for 2020. This trend is now followed even by small and other mobile app development companies to deliver the next level of user experience to their dedicated users.

Voice powered UI (User Interface)

Users can now do voice searches in Google, and it has become prominent these days, providing very different user experiences. As per the estimates from ComScore, by 2020, more than 50% of the search engine and similar apps will integrate voice-powered UI. It will make the searching and other tasks more comfortable, faster, and will make the app more convenience for the users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can be used by the developers to create multiple versions of a particular landing page. It will also help in introducing personalized elements from factors such as the user likes and preferences during visual analysis. AI will be an excellent tool for designers to design a better user interface.

The Overlapping effect

Most of the app launched currently is having an overlapping impact. It involves the overlapping of texts, images, colors, etc. all in a single screen.

In 2020, it will be a crucial design trend. This trend helps in creating a well-organized user interface and can create an illusion effect that enhances the user experience to a great extent. Hence the designer must embrace it while designing the app.


Knowing these trends will not only help both designers and developers to get high paying clients to pay for their expertise and skill but also the entrepreneurs while hiring a freelance mobile app developer.

Entrepreneurs must keep in mind that not all developers are aware of the points discussed above. Hence always hire top mobile developers with useful up to date knowledge and skills for better results and success of the mobile app.

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