Viable Ways to Earn Gold in Runescape

By  //  March 11, 2020

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Video games have changed everything when they first started becoming popular in the 70s and 80s. They have obviously evolved over the years, becoming more intricate and sophisticated, but even those old arcade games are still popular today.

Now, video games are a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of players around the world enjoying the unique worlds created, with annual contests held for many of those games. 

If you were to get into that world, you would definitely be doing yourself a favor because you’ll experience more entertainment than ever. One of the best games to start with is Runescape, a fantasy multiplayer RPG. There is a catch though; earning gold is tricky in this game for beginners. 

Here are some viable ways that you can win some gold in Runescape. 

The Bronze Bars 

Starting Runescape can be quite challenging because you don’t have any money to buy the gear you need to progress in the game. So, you need to start earning gold as soon as possible to get things going.

The great thing about this game is you have several options to do that, including selling some items for money. But how can you sell items if you need money to buy them in the first place? Well, you make them. So, start by mining copper and tin ores.

Then, make bronze bars by smelting both together, which will help you craft items that can be sold for gold. Some experts recommend starting the mining process near Varrock, and mine as much as you can so you can create good items to sell. 

Buy Gold 

Not many people know it, but you can actually purchase the gold you need for Runescape. While the practice is frowned upon in some areas, it is still an excellent way to get some gold really fast without wasting any time.

As you can see on, you can easily select the amount of gold that you need, pay for it, and then head to the game to pick it up.

There are quite a few trusted sources to conduct such transactions, and you would be saving yourself hours of gameplay with this approach.

So, if you want to take a quick shortcut, you should definitely consider buying the gold in Runescape so you can move on to the more important quests and missions. 

Track Clue and Treasure Scrolls 

One of the best ways to make money is finding clues scrolls, which can get you some of the gold you need for the game. The only problem with this approach is it needs some skills –– not to mention luck –– so it might not be ideal for a beginner. It also takes some time, and you will need hours of playing to complete a clue and earn the gold that comes with it.

The good news is there are easy clue scrolls, and they will be much easier to complete because several requirements are not present, so it takes less effort.

You will find clues scrolls appropriate to your level no matter what that might be, and you need to find those to earn gold. 

Sell Iron Items

If you have crafted enough items out of bronze bars, you might want to consider moving on to iron items. They require just one iron bar, but the skills needed to make those are on another level. So, make sure you spend enough time with bronze bars first. The best thing about iron items is how they sell for the highest price, so they can get you a lot of gold if you do all the right things. Your next step is steel weapons, and keep going until you can make more expensive items to sell.


This is another popular approach, though you walk a fine line using this one. Merchanting means buying low-cost items and selling them for a higher price to other players.

Those items are usually unstable, which is why they are often traded. The price fluctuates according to supply and demand, so you should know that the risks are high here, but the rewards can also be very high.

This practice in itself won’t get you banned, but if you try manipulating the prices by joining a clan to influence the trading, then you will get banned. 

You need to ease into the breathtaking world of Runescape. There is much that you will learn and do, but it all starts with the gold. Try one or more of these approaches so you can get off on the right foot.

Having enough gold early on in the game makes things so much easier for you. You will be able to purchase the necessary items, and the rest will come naturally since you already have the gold.