Women in Art and Business, What Happens When It Connects

By  //  March 1, 2020

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There is no denying that for women, it can still be quite challenging to rise in a field that is well known for being dominated by men.

There is no denying that for women, it can still be quite challenging to rise in a field that is well known for being dominated by men.

A good example would be the construction business, where most of the jobs are still taken by men, and most clients still prefer working with men in matters of construction.

While there have been plenty of changes and progress when it comes to women in business, the field of construction – and quite a few others – can still pose quite a challenge.

That said, there is something that women in business have been utilizing to help get ahead. Women tend to be more creative, which is why the women in business are also typically involved in matters of art.

While men also have a capacity to get creative, there is little reason to in industries which they dominate. Women, on the other hand, are forced to be creative to find their success, which has had surprising results.

When art and business collide

It can be challenging to be creative when there are so many things to take care of in a competitive industry. However, creativity is exactly what is needed when it comes to finding success in just about any field.

For example, the dining industry already has plenty of competition, which can make things challenging for any woman looking to succeed in running a restaurant. However, the stubbornness of most veteran restaurants is an opportunity to grow.

Females in business and art can work together to create a restaurant with a fresh new take on food. As if that was not enough, making use of healthier options for those who happen to be allergic to specific types of food can result in plenty of success.

Not too many industry veterans are willing to change up their menus due to tradition, but upstarts do not have such a restriction. It can result in an inclusive restaurant that gains massive popularity through word of mouth. That said, word of mouth is not the only thing that can give such a business the exposure it needs!

Art and business in marketing

If there was ever an aspect of business management where art is just as – if not more important – than business sense, it would be the realm of marketing. Women, in particular, have taken advantage of backgrounds in both business and art to create extremely effective marketing campaigns.

Women tend to be savvier when it comes to marketing campaigns involving social media due to their natural instincts. It has helped plenty of businesses achieve success without having to pay a cent since social media accounts are entirely free.

While some business owners might see social media as a frivolous waste of time, most women understand that social media is something to be harnessed. When mixed with an artistic background, a marketing strategy can find plenty of success when business is mixed with the arts.

Creativity in funding

While the tactics to gain exposure through business and art is undoubtedly effective for women, it would all be for naught if there was no way to fund their company. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to achieve funding, and you could find Loans for Women – The Complete Guide for those who are in serious need of capital.

A budding company might find funding through business loans, and there are plenty of different types of loans to choose from. The effectiveness of a loan depends on the size of your company, and what you intend to do with the money.

Loaning an amount that is more significant than what you have planned will likely lead to trouble due to inflated interest rates. It is the reason why startups would be better off looking for small business loans.

Funding through supporters

Creativity through art can also help your company acquire plenty of funding. Most business owners understand the potential of their company to grow; all they need is a push in the right direction. Perhaps one of the best ways to take advantage of business and art to gain capital would be to make use of a crowdfunding campaign.

If you are confident in the direction you are taking your business, and have something special to offer your prospective clients, a crowdfunding campaign is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Similar to a marketing campaign, you can also make use of art and creativity to get the job done. After all, it is all about capturing the hearts and minds of potential supporters around the world. If you have a great idea, why not flaunt it?

Overcoming the challenges women face in business

There is no denying that there is still some bias in the world of business when it comes to women leading the charge. Even if it might be a footnote now compared to what it was a decade or two ago, it does not change the fact that women are still having a hard time. It is why many are forced to be creative, which in turn helps them grow as business owners, and as individuals. 

It is thanks to the challenges presented to women in business that many turn to artistic backgrounds to help even the playing field. While it might still be tipped in the favor of men in most cases, there are clients out there who understand the importance of diversity in the workforce.

Even potential clients in the field of construction have taken steps to hire women, as many have proven to be just as effective as men when it comes to getting the job done!

To answer the question, something truly special happens when business and art collide – especially when it comes to women! The fact that they are forced to be creative to get ahead on the corporate ladder has been an effective means of improving their skills as industry leaders. Without a doubt, women in both at and business will continue to shine and excel.