As the World Currently Stops, Sport – in Some Areas of the World – Continues to Move

By  //  April 13, 2020

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With the current pandemic, sports fans are turning to alternative sports and casino free spins for their entertainment.

With the current pandemic, sports fans are turning to alternative sports and casino free spins for their entertainment. 

The Premier League, the Champions League, the Olympics, the Euros, and most horse racing have all seen their competitions either halted or postponed. But, believe it or not, some sport just keeps on going.

Horse Racing

Whilst the British and Irish horse-racing seasons have been put on hold, the American and Australian seasons are still going ahead.

The Will Rogers Downs and Naples Fort Myers will host horse and greyhound racing respectively this week in the States, whilst Bathurst and Darwin are just two of the places hosting the plethora of horse-racing meets on offer Down Under. 

Miraculously, even Asia – where the pandemic originated – will be hosting some horse-racing events in the near future with the Happy Valley circuit in Hong Kong being used this week also.

So, despite horse-racing’s most prestigious race in the UK not going ahead – the Grand National – followers of the four-legged phenomenon can still witness nature’s best go toe-to-toe, or rather shoe-to-shoe.


With Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko suggesting that drinking vodka, saunas, driving tractors and playing ice hockey were the antidotes to the current pandemic outbreak, life goes on as normal in Belarus – and that includes soccer.

Slavia Mozyr do battle against BATE Borisov as Dinamo Brest host Shakhter Soligorsk in the Belarusian Cup. One can only hope for the sake of Belarus that Lukashenko’s rather bizarre response is vindicated.

But, it’s not just Belarus where soccer continues; the Nicaraguan Primera Division will be playing its latest round as will the Tajikistan Higher League.

So, for those missing their weekly accumulators, Belarus, Nicaragua and Tajikistan will still come up trumps.

Tennis and Table Tennis

Tennis is still being served up around the world too with Artsiom Cherkasau and Nikita Sarkou going head-to-head on Tuesday night.

But it’s the bat and ball, rather than the racquet and ball that will take centre stage in the coming days with a multitude of table tennis fixtures for the sporting enthusiast to gaze over.

The Setka Cup and the Moscow Liga Pro are both Russian tournaments and they are still very much going ahead, with odds still being given. Those pesky table tennis players are clearly made of stern stuff.


Of course, being behind a computer, eSports was perhaps never going to be postponed with the ESL Pro League featuring the likes of FaZe Clan and Mousesports this week.

So, get your gaming head on for something different as video gaming rises in prominence. You can see for yourself what it’s about.