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By  //  April 2, 2020

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One of the fastest-growing leisure activities in recent years in our country is undoubtedly online gambling without downloads.
One of the fastest-growing leisure activities in recent years in our country is undoubtedly online gambling without downloads. 
Factors such as the high penetration of the Internet in European homes, the consolidation and implementation of new technologies in our daily lives and, above all, the appropriate regulation and organization of this activity by the government have meant that online gambling in its various categories is now a multi-billion dollar business in Europe.
Within this industry, the non-download online casino segment is the fastest-growing segment. In this article, we will try to examine different aspects of the current gambling offer on the Internet, especially online casinos. For more information about online casino
The development of online casinos and gambling
As with so many other aspects of our lives, we can say that the new frontier of gambling and the world of betting is called the Internet. Indeed, online gambling has been a true revolution, a before and after in the history of gambling in our country.
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Online Casinos without downloads in Spain: 

However, with the exception of the social phenomenon represented by Gordo, everything has been somewhat overshadowed by the emergence of betting sites and casinos.
In 2012, the Spanish government finally passed the Gaming Regulation Act, a law that brought order to the previously confused and unregulated Spanish internet gambling market.
Thanks to this law, any operator wishing to operate on Spanish territory by offering casinos, sports betting or other forms of gambling on the internet must apply for a license from the respective regulatory body and comply with a series of strict requirements concerning aspects such as the security of customer accounts, fair play, the prohibition of access to minors, prevention and treatment of gambling or prevention of money laundering.
All of this has undoubtedly meant that online gambling has gradually become part of the entertainment offer of more and more Spaniards in recent years.
The figures speak for themselves. According to official data from our country’s gambling regulator, Spaniards gambled the impressive sum of just over 3,000 million euros on gambling sites alone in the third quarter of 2017.
An amount that places Spain in the first group of European countries in terms of per capita spending in this new leisure segment.
Of this amount, almost half corresponds to the online casino division. These are roulette games, slot machines, blackjack and other card games, all in their online version.
By having only a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a good Internet connection, the user enters a world of entertainment that does not require a large investment, which takes us into a fantastic reality so far only available if we visit a physical casino, where the mathematical chances of winning extra money are higher than if, for example, we were playing Primitiva or other forms of gambling and where everything is also properly regulated in strict compliance with the law and our rights as consumers.
Advantages of online casino games without downloading 
Although, of course, there are and always will be those who prefer a visit to the casino closest to where they live or even plan a vacation in places like Las Vegas for that purpose, the truth is that playing roulette, winning a fantastic jackpot at the slot machines or enjoying a good game of blackjack no longer requires dressing up or taking your car to the casino.
On the contrary, we can enjoy this gaming experience whenever we want, with no time or schedule restrictions, from the couch of the house in our pajamas, at seven in the morning, three in the afternoon or five in the morning, and without any travel expenses.
In their effort to attract players first and retain them later, online casinos also offer a series of incentives that are never found in a physical casino.
These include attractive welcome bonuses, free spins in slot games or other incentives in the form of, for example, gifts and bonuses every time a new deposit is made into the player’s account.
However, it is also true that each variety has its positive and negative aspects.
A physical casino, on the other hand, adds a series of attractions that are still very much alive for a part of the audience that is attracted by factors such as the possibility of wearing the best clothes to go out, a world of flashy lights and sounds, and the possibility of meeting and socializing with other players face to face.

Live casinos are a factor of authenticity and realism.

It is precisely this factor of sociability and realism that is driving the online casino industry in its constant effort to try to reproduce from the mobile or laptop a gaming experience that has hitherto been reserved only for real or physical casinos. We are talking about the experience of playing at a live online casino.
The traditional online casino option, even with all the advantages listed above, can be considered a bit impersonal. What live casinos do is try to replicate the format of physical casinos, by interacting directly and thoroughly with real live dealers and other players who share the gaming table.
This is possible thanks to the cameras which, thanks to live streaming technology, reproduce the image of the dealer with whom we can also talk, informing us of what is happening in the game of roulette or cards, giving us the possibility of choosing different cameras and angles.
All this is a television studio that faithfully reproduces the decoration and the sound and light effects of any real casino. Everything indicates that this modality is the future of online gambling.
A future that can already be enjoyed and which, in the online gaming segment with the greatest potential for development and growth as the casino is, offers a more authentic and real entertainment experience.
The world of gambling in general and online casinos in particular already offers us the opportunity to enjoy casino games such as roulette, poker or blackjack in an environment until now reserved only for a certain part of the population that could go to the nearest casino.
The Internet and new technologies, as is the case with so many other things, have only democratized the select world of casino gambling until recently.