Eight Simple Ways to Improve Your Small Business

By  //  April 3, 2020

Setting up a business requires time, effort, and commitment. Every business owner wants their company to grow and give them a good return on their investment.

Running a business is rarely easy, but there are plenty of strategies to help you reach your goals and achieve success. With this in mind, here are eight simple ways to improve your small business today. 

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1. Set achievable goals

One of the most crucial elements of business success is to set clear goals and objectives for your company. You should make a list of well-defined short-term and long-term goals for your business and have an action plan in place to achieve each goal.

Some common goals for small businesses include launching a new product, creating a new customer service process, and increasing productivity in the workplace.

It is important to have a deadline for your goals to help motivate you and give you something to work towards. You must be truly committed to achieving your goals and willing to make sacrifices to accomplish your business objectives.

Experts at TINYpulse recommend making company goals public to drive performance as “transparency creates a commitment and a sense of urgency.”

Make sure that you reward yourself once you have achieved a goal or hit a particular milestone in your business. You will work hard to accomplish your business goals, so it’s important to take the time to celebrate. 

2. Invest in marketing 

Marketing is essential when you start a small business. Effective marketing campaigns will build brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, and boost sales and profits within your business.

Marketing will also allow you to connect with your target audience and build connections with your customers. For your marketing to be effective, you must do thorough research and gain a thorough understanding of your customers.

You must learn as much about your target audience as possible, including their age, gender, and habits online. This will allow you to create quality marketing campaigns that will appeal to your audience.

You can use tools like Google Analytics to learn more about your audience. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also offer analytical tools that can give you valuable insight into your customers’ habits on these social sites.

You should also research your competitors to identify ways to make your marketing campaigns stand out. 

3. Develop good finance skills 

Poor financial management can seriously harm your business and lead to several serious issues, including overspending, cash flow problems, and debt.

For that reason, all business owners should take the time to develop the skills to manage their company finances efficiently.

Here are some useful tips to help you manage your company finances better

• Cut business expenses – This can be achieved by moving to a smaller business premises, negotiating better deals with suppliers, and buying second-hand office furniture and supplies. 

• Monitor spending – Use accounting software to track spending within your business and to help you identify ways to cut costs. 

• Keep separate accounts – Make sure that you keep separate business and personal funds to help you keep on top of your finances. If you find that you are continually dipping into the business savings to cover your own financial situation, for example, then you are going to find that this will eventually affect your business. If you are having personal finance issues, it is important that you actively deal with it, without relying on your business to bail you out. Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can help, such as equity release. You could use Key Equity Release to get a tax-free lump sum on your property that will help you in boosting your finances and stop you from taking cash from your business’s savings. 

• Build a cash reserve – This can be used to cover you in unforeseen financial emergencies such as covering long-term staff sickness or having to repair essential equipment. 

• Repay debt – Make sure that you have a plan in place to repay any outstanding debt at the earliest opportunity. 

• Consider your finance options – Research different financing and choose the most suitable option for your business. Some of the most popular choices include business loans, angel investors, and crowdfunding. 

4. Rely on technology 

Modern businesses have access to an extensive variety of technology that can be used to streamline business operations and boost efficiency in the workplace.

For instance, businesses can utilize software to automate numerous tasks such as invoicing, finances, employee work schedules, and customer service operations.

This means that you and your employees will have more time available to focus on core tasks that will grow your business and boost profits.

Having additional time and resources will allow you to improve productivity and increase revenue within your business. Technology can also be used to enhance customer experience and improve the brand image of a company.

According to bizfluent.com, “the most important impact of technology in customer service is that it increases the speed of customer interactions.”

For example, chatbots can be installed to provide customers with instant support and advice with any queries. This technology greatly improves the lines of communications and provides customers with a more personalized and efficient level of service. 

5. Motivate your staff

Your staff plays a key role in the success and profitability of your company. A happy, motivated workforce will be far more productive and driven to achieve their goals when compared to employees who are unsatisfied in the workplace.

You must, therefore, focus on ways to motivate your staff and improve morale among your employees. Some of the most effective ways to boost employee satisfaction include providing quality training and equipment, offering attractive perks such as generous vacation packages and pension schemes, and taking an interest in your employees’ career advancement.

You should also create a welcoming work environment where staff feel supported. Many managers achieve this by treating employees with respect and having an open-door policy where staff can approach them with any issues or concerns. 

6. Provide quality customer service 

No business can be successful if it provides poor quality service. If a customer has a negative experience with your company, then it is highly unlikely that they will use your services in the future.

On the other hand, a customer who is impressed by your level of service will probably spend more money with your business in the future and they may also recommend your company to others.

Repeat business and referrals are extremely valuable to small businesses and are an effective way to grow profits and build a positive brand image.

You must, therefore, focus on your customer service and identify ways to enhance the overall customer experience within your business.

Some quick and effective ways to improve your customer service include offering loyalty programs, training staff on how to deal with customer complaints, and offering 24/7 support for customer queries. 

7. Adopt sustainable practices 

In today’s age of environmental decline, more and more businesses are adopting sustainable practices in a bid to reduce harmful emissions and protect the planet from further damage.

Along with the environmental benefits, sustainable practices can also help you grow your business by improving your green credentials, boosting your brand image, and making your company appeal to more eco-conscious customers.

There is also evidence that creating a green business will help you to attract and retain top-quality employees and secure loyalty among your staff.

A recent survey found that a massive 70% of employees are more likely to choose a company with a low carbon footprint. The same survey found that 50% of employees would even take a lower salary to work for an environmentally-friendly company. Luckily, there are various simple and affordable ways to make your business more sustainable.

This includes switching to renewable energy, implementing an office recycling policy, and going digital to reduce paper waste. You could also offer green incentives to encourage your staff to support sustainability in the workplace. This could be a voucher for the employee who recycles the most office waste in one month, for example.

For example, for small bakery businesses, adopting sustainable practices and using custom food boxes with logo can offer a range of benefits beyond environmental impact. Apart from showcasing your commitment to eco-friendliness, these packaging choices can enhance your brand image and appeal to a wider audience of environmentally conscious customers. Moreover, creating a green business model can attract and retain top-quality employees, foster a positive work environment, and build a loyal team.

8. Take a break 

As mentioned, running a small busy is hard work and stress can build up over time. You must take a break from your work responsibilities now and then to relax and unwind.

A vacation can be a great way to get a much-needed break and reignite your passion for your business. Taking a break will be beneficial to your business in the long-run as it will help you to avoid issues such as burnout.

You should also encourage regular breaks in your workplace to allow your employees to recharge and recoup their thoughts. Creating chill-out zones or ‘recharge rooms’ in your office can be an excellent way to encourage staff to take regular breaks away from their work station.

These are calming spaces where employees can take a few minutes of downtime to socialize, meditate, relax, or stretch. The introduction of recharge rooms can have a hugely positive impact on productivity and office morale. This will help improve your business efficiency and profitability over time. 

Final thoughts 

Every business owner should regularly look for ways to improve their business. This can be achieved by increasing efficiency with the help of modern technology, enhancing the experience through the use of customer service software, and boosting employee motivation through offering incentives and work-based perks.

Make sure that you review your business regularly and try to identify any areas that could be improved. Use the above ideas to help you grow your company, increase profits, and achieve your business goals.