Fun Activities To Try At Your Next Team Building Session

By  //  April 1, 2020

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Team building is important for every company and workplace. The majority of companies are going to involve many different people and departments and frequent chances to build chemistry and connectedness are important.

This will help your brands move forward as it will promote strong communication, trust, and openness. Company meetings aren’t nearly the best ways to promote connections as they can be too structured and rigid.

Here are a few alternative ways to engage in more team building sessions through fun activities:

Escape rooms

If you have a company in Las Vegas and you are planning for your next company activity, an escape room is a great type of team-building session that would be perfect for an after-work outing.

These rooms are designed for small groups to find their way out of a room through a variety of riddles, clues, and brainteasers.

The selection at showcase the variety of challenges that comes with every well-planned escape room. A key to success is the group’s ability to communicate with each other to find the best solutions.

This is a great way to promote teamwork with you and your colleagues, discovering the strengths of each individual while having a little bit of fun while you’re at it.

Retreats or day trips

If your company is trying to find ways that will promote and develop teamwork, taking the office out for a retreat or day trip can be a fun way of getting to know your team in a more natural way.

Many camps put your team through different activities, like outdoor activities and even wilderness sports.

These may involve things like rock climbing, rappelling, even some water sports like rafting if your group is the more adventurous type.

These activities will push your colleagues to their limits and will provide you an environment to encourage and support one another. Understand who your coworkers are and you can plan your trip and activities accordingly.  

Game nights

If the great outdoors is not something you can see your coworkers enjoying as they are more indoor activity type of people, hosting a game night is a great way to still develop and promote ways to connect in a fun environment.

You can host game nights in your office as a communal space, having people bring in their favorite board games or even video games to teach and share. Incorporating a healthy balance of both competitive and cooperative games is key as you don’t want things to get too cutthroat.

It is also important to understand that not everyone might be as interested or easy to learn so make sure that you keep the overly complicated games at home. Cater to the crowd that you have and you are bound to have a great time learning about your coworkers.

Trivia nights

Some people aren’t big on gaming as stated above, but another alternative is trivia nights. This is still a form of gaming but for a little more reliant on your knowledge.

Going out to a bar with some work friends for some trivia lets you work together with your collaborative knowledge while still in a light atmosphere.

This can reveal some specialties in the way of specific knowledge, helping you understand that you bring different things to the table than your coworkers.

And if you fall short on the knowledge aspect, you can still have fun and support your team in a casual fun night out with your team.

Workshops and classes

If you are looking to be a little more active when it comes to the team building session, you can always take some workshops or classes together.

This can be focused on your industry or completely unrelated. Things like cooking workshops are great ways to learn and communicate with your team and find hidden talents along the way.

A painting workshop will show you the creatives in your group. It never hurts to step outside the comfort levels you have and better helps you bond and learn about your team.

There are many ways that you can promote team building, you just need to think a little outside of the box and be creative.

It is also always best to consider the members of your team and know what interests them. This way, no one is felt left out and everyone is given a voice.

And don’t be afraid to change it up with the suggestions listed, maybe board games one week and rock climbing the next time. This will keep things feeling fresh when it comes to your activities and your team’s participation.