Lockdown Boredom? What You Can Do While Bored Due to Coronavirus Restrictions

By  //  April 3, 2020

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The Coronavirus has changed life as we know it throughout the entire country. States have imposed curfews and lockdown rules that encourage only leaving the home for essential needs.

The Coronavirus has changed life as we know it throughout the entire country. States have imposed curfews and lockdown rules that encourage only leaving the home for essential needs.

The number of people that are in their homes more than they have been in the past has led to an immense amount of boredom. Enjoying this stressful time is possible if you find ways to keep yourself occupied.

Logging onto social media or watching the news will not do anything but increase your anxiety levels. Being informed is important but not to the point of stressing yourself out.

Major developments can be checked on at the end of the day or in the morning instead of being glued to your TV or mobile device.

Boredom should not be solved by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or other substance abuse that has been obvious since the lockdown.

Constructive activities can be done and you can improve skills as you will have more time at home than you possibly have ever had.

Below are a few ways to cure the sickness of boredom during the Coronavirus lockdown:

Start a Garden  

Starting a garden of spices or easy to grow fruits/vegetables can allow you to occupy your time. Beginners will want these easy to grow items as killing off your first crop of tomatoes can be quite discouraging.

You might not have the time to do this in your normal day to day but with an indefinite lockdown, this can be a great option.

Make Your Signature Dishes PERFECT!

Extra time at home with an eliminated commute or time spent on practices/rehearsals with the kids is the perfect time to up your cooking game.

Take this extra time to prep delicious meals for yourself and the entire family. Everyone has their own signature dish but understand a few tweaks could take it to the next level.

Below are tips for improving your skills when it comes to cooking your signature dishes:

• Try different brands of sauces or ingredients if you do not make everything from scratch. A small tweak can make a huge difference in terms of taste.

• If you bake a dish then try to cook it in a cast-iron pan as this can provide additional flavor.

• An extra ingredient or spice can take a dish to the next level.

• Prepping ingredients is not always possible, use the extra time during this crisis to create meals from scratch.

A Stationary/Spin Bike Can Work Wonders

Staying in shape is a priority of many that usually go to the gym on account of the mass closures around the country. Investing in a stationary bike does not have to be expensive and can be the perfect way to start your morning with a cup of coffee.

Below are tips to stay in shape even when you cannot go to the gym:

• Pushups and other bodyweight exercises can easily be performed inside or outside.

• Extend your walk with your dogs as this can be one of the few times you will be permitted to be outside in some cities.

• Nutrition is important and it can be much easier without the option of going to a restaurant or ordering in. The option is also more budget-friendly for people that might be struggling financially.

Online Gaming Can Be Fun

The world without sports has left a number of people without topics to discuss with friends. People do bond over watching sports and even betting on it from time to time.

Casinos are closed throughout the country but there are still options if you would like to gamble. Planet 7 Casino is a great example of a quality online casino that promotes fair gambling and quick payouts.

Winning some money on a streak can allow you to breathe a bit more comfortably in the financial sense. Keep in mind it is always important to gamble responsibly.  

Earn Some Cash Freelance Writing

For those that have cashflow issues due to the crisis, there is a healthy freelance market to enter into. Writing skills and expertise in certain areas can allow you to stay afloat financially until the crisis is over.

There are those people that are treating the crisis as an extended vacation but this is not a reality for everyone. Going onto a platform like Upwork can allow you to find clients even if you want to do other types of freelance work.

For those that have skills like that of organization, there are roles like that of a virtual assistant. Salespeople that might have been laid off can even sell as a freelancer. The ability to sell can allow for large amounts of income or even supplemental income.

People have limits on what they can do so earning extra money even if you are working from home full-time can provide financial security.

Sitting at home on the weekend can be boring, do some work and get paid while others might face financial disaster.

The following are areas that you can start freelancing in to earn income during this boring and financially stressful time:

• Freelance writers can write everything from product descriptions, articles, or even rewrite website copy if they understand SEO best practices.

• Legal professionals can earn by writing up contracts and other documents to make them ironclad

• Salespeople can earn by selling a variety of items or services.

• Data entry professionals can earn and those transcribing podcasts can earn a healthy income just by typing what they hear.

• Virtual assistants can help with things like scheduling meetings or proofreading emails. This can lead to full-time remote employment so make sure to do the job to the best of your ability.

The world has changed in huge ways in the last couple of weeks. There needs to be healthy outlets for those that are experiencing chronic boredom.

There are only so many streaming services to check for new content before you are bored to tears. Finding a hobby that you can continue after this crisis will just be an additional bonus.