Setting Up a Rooftop Garden: What You Need to Know

By  //  April 16, 2020

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Even if you are living in the city and do not have a backyard for you to raise a garden, you can set up your own rooftop garden. It is actually a common practice for a lot of people who are also living in apartment buildings or in places with apartment complexes.

If it is amenable to your landlord or with the building permit to set up a garden on your rooftop then you can start planning ahead. If you want to start your own soon, there are a few things that you need to know.

Start Small

The first thing you have to do is to prepare the rooftop garden itself by cleaning out and removing materials that can be toxic to plants. If people frequent the place, remove any traces of human food so it will not attract any rodents or pests. Start with plants that are easier to grow.

If you have a list of plants you want to grow, you can start buying the cheapest among these and try to put them in the available areas of the rooftop.

Once you have taken a feel of what it is like to have plants, you can slowly build on this and increase the number of your plants. You may also start with bigger ones as they can serve as a pillar for your smaller plants in the future.

Consider the Environment

Putting up a garden on your rooftop is so different from the typical gardens. You do not have a rich source of soil, the plants will be more exposed to sun and heat, there can be a limited source of water and you can also factor in the wind which can whip the place in times of extreme weather.

Some places have limited space and would make it difficult to put in a lot of plants. The guys at Commercial Planters suggest that using pots that are made commercially can help with these woes.

These are made of materials that are lightweight and durable even when exposed to extreme environmental conditions. These can come in various designs and colors as well.

Upkeep and Maintenance

A rooftop garden is a great way to keep you occupied and busy. It gives you something to do for fun and this includes the upkeep and maintenance of the place. You just have to make sure that they grow beautifully and are free of pests and other insects.

Occasionally freeing them of dead leaves and weeds will also help the plants grow beautifully. Water them as needed and make sure that the pots have a water basin in them so the water won’t cause the soil to spill out from the pots which can make the place muddy.

Rearing a garden on your rooftop may start off as a hobby at first. In choosing the kinds of plants you will put on your rooftop, choose the ones that fit the place. Also, consider the plants that are great for outdoors so you can enjoy the new area of your place.