Surviving Crisis With One Movie at a Time

By  //  April 6, 2020

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Right now almost every reference on every screen seems to be blaring out one word, and that is, Covid-19. With a majority of the world’s population exercising lockdown, it’s very easy for people indoors to get paranoid on this one particular word.

Right now almost every reference on every screen seems to be blaring out one word, and that is, Covid-19. With a majority of the world’s population exercising lockdown, it’s very easy for people indoors to get paranoid on this one particular word. 

Consequently, it is causing more stress-induced mayhem within hundreds and thousands of homes than it is outside. 

This doesn’t mean that people should take to the streets and indulge in a game of Race to the TP aisle when they want to get their mind off the crisis.

It would be way smarter to focus your attention on some great movies that you have already downloaded or that have released on your favorite streaming service or even whatever is coming on cable.

Salvation in Screens

Let’s face it, we aren’t living in an age where the answer to ‘what is your hobby?’ is mostly reading, playing an instrument, writing or painting. We live in a time where individuals choose to spend their free time sifting through a directory of movies, watching and even re-watching them. 

This was initially considered as a ‘bad habit’ by the boomers of the world, but today with given the multiple ways people can watch their favorite movies, it has become the go-to option during boredom or stress.

Watching and collecting movies, be it DVD’s or your personal streaming library is a great way to focus your attention and energy towards something that thoroughly entertains you.

When it comes to maintaining a digital library of movies, it’s easy, cheaper than ever before and best of all it doesn’t take up physical space. All you need is a reliable internet service like the one from Charter Spectrum and things only get better from there.

However, it is still pretty impressive to have an organized rack of your awesome collection of DVD’s. Don’t know why, but there’s something about it rather satisfying.

Even when you aren’t watching a movie, it gives an overall satisfaction to just scroll through your favorite titles and remembering what it was like to watch them for the first time.

The Art that are Movies

On the surface, movies may be just a bunch of people doing stuff on a screen that provides you with entertainment for an hour or two.

However, most movie makers would argue that movies are much more than that. They are actually a work of art orchestrated by each person whose name we don’t even bother to read at the end.

 Indeed, it is impossible to ignore that there is a mind of an artist at work, who uses the set as a canvas and the actors as his medium.

Movies like Moonlight, Snowpiercer and even the ‘out-there’ movies like Django: Unchained, not only give viewers a hell of a time while watching them, but they are also a commentary on society and how the makers want you to see it.

This particular feature of modern movies also unlocks the creativity of a viewer. It can be as basic as imagining yourself as a leader of an army of Samurai on the front line or a Toy living in the world of Andy’s room.

Watching a movie and indulging in its meaning always opens up the windows of your imagination and creativity that most of us don’t even realize it existed.

It provides us an escape from the typical 9 to 5 or more relevant to the current scenario — the frustration of not being able to hang-out, the way we used to.

Movies: All for one, and All for All

No movie is made to cater to a selective audience. Whenever someone makes a movie they know that all types of eyes will see it and the way that movie will be perceived will be different for everyone. This is exactly why a single movie can have multiple opinions and multiple experiences for everyone who watches it. 

Movies today give us more than the entertainment at their core and also provide us as topics to share opinions and ideas. The most common icebreaker “have you seen the movie?“ leads into endless discussions of perspectives, preferences and even creative differences people possess.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you ask your 11-year old what did he think about John Wick 3, but it certainly provides the family something to talk about even after the time they have spent watching it.

Opening up the floor to discuss a fictional piece of work always helps to ease tension in a household considering now that each of us is already trying their best to cope up with the dilemma of social-distancing.

Good Thing We Have Streaming Services Looking Out for Us

No one saw these circumstances coming, no one had imagined that theatres would be empty for such a long time, but filmmakers couldn’t let their profits to slip away.

Thus, they have turned to streaming services. The result is every couch potatoes dream-come-true; new titles like Bloodshot and Onwards are getting an early release on streaming services to make sure that they get the viewership they deserve. 

This idea may not make it rain cash, the way a booked theatre does, but it sure does make viewers feel special and contended that they aren’t missing the latest movies. In times like these, when Spectrum internet service is your best and only friend, it is a win-win situation when it allows you to watch your favorite titles without any buffering.  

Our Final Thoughts

For the sake of safety, most of us are bound inside our homes. However, it doesn’t have to feel like a prison if you can keep your mind at ease with your favorite movies.

Replacing travel with browsing movies, replacing social gatherings with nice little watch-parties with family members and replacing spreading panic with sharing your movie experience, is the way to go to get yourself through.

Fortunately, in this time when we are stuck insider, we still have a plenty of options to choose from.