Why to Carry an Extra Pair of Specs While you Travel?

By  //  April 15, 2020

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It’s a fact that no one of us knows what can happen to us in future during any traveling phase or to be more specific for this situation, nobody knows what can happen even to our pair of specs.

It’s a fact that no one of us knows what can happen to us in future during any traveling phase or to be more specific for this situation, nobody knows what can happen even to our pair of specs.

So, the best and probably the only way to deal with the latter situation is by purchasing an alternative or backup pair of specs.

In this article, we will be primarily focusing upon a few reasons why one should always have an extra pair of glasses with him/her while on the go. 

1) Accidents 

No matter how good the quality of glasses you have got, they would still be very much prone to accidents or in other words, breakage.

When you are traveling, whether short distance or long term, there can be unfortunate situations where you may break up your specs or misplace them for any reasons.

It’s always good to be attentive and careful with your specs but you never know when accidents can happen. So, in such cases, having an extra pair of specs can be like a big life saviour! Also, having the one with the right prescription is equally important. 

2) Experiment 

The world of specs is very large and trust us, there are a lot of designs, styles of specs that you could ever think of. So, if you are maybe travelling somewhere for a party or any other special occasion, then you can keep a bit funky and fun specs as your second pair so that you can look amazing and stand out of the crowd.

Wearing your regular, tried and tested frames everywhere looks quite boring and routine! Body loves changes and the changes brought through your eyewear is something that many people don’t ponder upon! 

3) Sun Protection 

We recommend you to have a pair of prescription specs as your alternative pair. It will not only make you look great and stylish but at the same time it will help you remain safe from the UV rays of the sun.

Believe it or not, but it’s a fact that many of the population out there don’t seem to wear sunglasses whenever they head outside though they are equally aware of the fact that they can easily be exposed to sunburn, eye irritation and other health issues like that. Style + sun protection sounds a perfect combination so go ahead and try it! 

4) Match Different Needs 

These days we have so many roles and responsibilities as an individual that it can become quite hard to give the proper rest to your eyes. So, you can keep different glasses for the different situations or in other words, requirements.

For instance, if you like reading books while traveling in a plane then you can go for a pair of readers so that they can help you lessen the eye strain.

Or, if you sit frequently in front of the computer, then to stay away from the digital eye strain, you can go for the computer glasses. 


If by any chance you suffer from night blindness symptoms or have trouble driving at night, then you can go for the extra pair of glasses online that usually come with anti-reflective coating.

These can help you in the lessening of glare and ultimately prove to be beneficial for low lightning. Also, it’s important to understand that night blindness is not any sort of disease, but it’s more of a symptom for other eye issues. Going for a comprehensive eye exam can be a wise decision. 


If you are confused on what type of pair of glasses to go for then we recommend you to go with anything that’s comfortable for you.

If you want to go for a high end pair of specs then go for that otherwise if you are just looking for a basic backup then you can get some amazing options in a budget friendly price range too.