Now is the Perfect Time for Families to Start Gaming Together

By  //  May 27, 2020

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As a result of the COVID-19 virus, individuals and families everywhere are following social distancing protocol and staying inside to minimize the risk of infection.

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, individuals and families everywhere are following social distancing protocol and staying inside to minimize the risk of infection.

During this time, it’s no secret that many have decided to participate in new activities to pass the time, and one of these hobbies is growing faster than you’d expect.

Over the past two months, the gaming industry has seen a dramatic surge in popularity, with an astonishing 44 percent increase in like-for-like game sales, indicating that a large majority are now turning to their consoles.

As we see an increase of games in the home, we also uncover many new, and often overlooked, opportunities to bond, learn and grow with our families. Leveling up doesn’t have to be a solo adventure!

Creating An Intergenerational Experience

Many assume that video games are primarily played by teenagers, but the reality is that the gaming community has become a far more diverse space.

Nearly 40 percent of online gamers are between the ages of 25 – 34, and over half are women. Recent surveys have also shown that 38 percent of seniors over the age of 50 also consider themselves regular gamers.

What does that mean for your family? It means everyone can play. Video games present an opportunity to connect across generations with one goal or activity in mind.

When searching for games to purchase, consider finding ones that can be shared across everyone’s experience level in your household.

Utilizing New Educational Resources

With many parents teaching their children from home, video games can be an excellent supplemental resource to the regular textbooks and lessons in a day-to-day routine.

For every subject, there is likely an engaging, digital tool worth exploring. From games that promote language learning to cognitive development and problem-solving adventures, searching for ways to enhance and diversify a child’s education experience can help them enjoy and retain the material being taught.

Finding New Ways to Exercise

Developments for consoles like the Wii and Xbox Kinect allow video games to be played and controlled with gesture-tracking technology, creating a new way to get your body moving and heart pumping.

It’s easy to fall into sedentary routines within the home, but a few minutes of movement can make all the difference. We can encourage members of our family to participate in group “exergaming” activities to help jump start the day, and couple it with other physical activities to substitute for what we might have accomplished at a public gym or athletic team practice.

Connecting with Others

Online play while gaming provides an opportunity to connect with other individuals, regardless of distance. If you are staying at home or have family members who live far away, you can spend quality time with those you love through leveraging your favorite video games.

Many video games now offer cross-console (multiple console types can play) and multiplayer options that allow you to complete challenges with others.

A headset is always a worthwhile investment, allowing for in-game conversation, whether you’re strategizing to achieve an objective or simply just catching up.


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