Traveling from Charlotte to Toronto

By  //  May 5, 2020

For as little as $150, and in the convenience of your own vehicle, you can travel to Toronto from Charlotte in an average time of 13 hours.

For as little as $150, and in the convenience of your own vehicle, you can travel to Toronto from Charlotte in an average time of 13 hours.

If you would rather spend more for a faster trip, it will cost you nothing more than $300 for a plane travel of about 5 hours. Those who appreciate slow rides can plan for train travel which takes approximately 25 hours, inclusive of transfers.

Visiting Toronto as a tourist just requires that you to have a valid visa. The entry authorization into Canada however depends on the duration of stay and your country of origin.

Check here for information on the Canadian transit visa, Canadian residency visa, Canadian work visa, Canadian visitor visa and ETA.

What do you do when you get to Toronto?

A city which is rich in tourist attractions and which offers many sights, Toronto offers quite a lot to someone who is keen on exploring new destinations. If not for anything else visit Toronto to marvel at its lake scenery – the city is actually built against a backdrop of the spectacular Lake Ontario. These are some of the places you must not dare miss a visit to when you are in Toronto;

The CN Tower

From 973 to 2009, the CN Tower held the record for being the largest structure on free stand in the entire world. This was until the Burj Khalifa took over.

The tower is quite important in Toronto so much so that it hosts many social events. Apart from being the best view point of the city, the CN Tower hosts cafes, cinemas, gift shops and restaurants.

Canada’s Wonderland

About 40 km to the north of Toronto is the suburb of Vaughan where the wonderland is located. The destination is great for those who love theme parks as well as water recreation. The only access to Canada‘s Wonderland is through the international street. You will know you are in the right place because of the cartoon characters that line up both sides of the street.

Lake Ontario

If you happen to find your way to Lake Ontario, you will have made it to see Ontario’s most beautiful wonder. Not only is the lake quite beautiful but it is also supports a rich biodiversity. The large number of marine creatures and beautiful fish species will leave every visitor quite excited. The unique location of Lake Ontario is what makes it attractive to various species of migratory birds like ducks, pelicans, geese and many other water birds.

Toronto Zoo

This is the largest and most visited zoo in the whole of Canada. Sitting on a vast land surface of 287 hectares, this is home to more than 5000 animals from over 500 species.  To make a tour of the zoo interesting and informative at the same it, it has been divided into seven main geographical regions of the world; the Americas, Africa, Australasia, Indo-Malaya, Eurasia, Tundra Trek and Canada.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

If you are looking for a marine sighting experience too close to land you do not have to get wet, the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is the place to be. Located in the downtown side of Toronto, the aquarium is just a few minutes away from the CN Tower.

The water galleries are a spectacle plus visitors can indulge in walks within the huge water reservoir. Did you know that this man-made water reservoir holds approximately 5.7 million liters of water in which 3,500 exotic marine specimens reside?

The Royal Ontario Museum

There is not a dull a moment inside the Royal Ontario Museum because there is simply a lot to see. Visitors need to allocate quite some time to tour this facility because the over 40 galleries and more than 6 million artifacts cannot be seen in a rush. So diverse is the museum collection that it houses exhibits from all corner of the world.

High Park Toronto

Spending time at the park is a pass time that never goes out of fashion and why should it when such destinations like the High Park Toronto exist? A child-friendly destination, the park offers the ultimate experience for those who are keen on sighting wild animals in the wild. In addition to a large number of reptiles, visitors to the park can be assured that they will see deer, elephants, crocodiles, giraffes and lions.


Is Chinese-themed destination in the heart of Canada? Well, it is and why not when there are at least 6 major Chinese neighborhoods in the whole of Canada.

By any stands however, Chinatown remains to be the liveliest destinations of this theme. The many monuments, restaurants, shops and spa treatments welcome everyone to sample native China. This is not the place to visit when you are in a hurry – there is not only plenty to see but also to do.