WATCH: ‘Brevard County Justice’ Looks to Solve Area Crimes, Updates Recent Fugitive Arrests

By  //  May 21, 2020

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Have a tip? Call Crimeline 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)

ABOVE VIDEO: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has released new ‘Brevard County Justice’ video to combat area crimes across the Space Coast.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has released new ‘Brevard County Justice’ video to combat area crimes across the Space Coast.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey calls the series a new crime-fighting tool to bring justice to individuals and/or businesses that have been victimized by criminals in Brevard County.

On the latest episode of  ‘Brevard County Justice’, Sheriff Wayne Ivey reveals the identity of three Brevard County criminals.



Hello, everyone, I’m Sheriff Wayne Ivey. You’re watching Brevard County Justice.

Let’s get started night with a case from our East Precinct where Deputy George Picco is asking for our help in solving an attempted robbery. Now, this robbery happened actually in December 2018 at the Steak ‘n’ Shake in Merritt Island.

Two subjects. If you take a look at the board, you can see both the subjects. Both of them are wanted for this attempted robbery that occurred at 10 p.m..

The subject is wearing the ball cap actually went into the area where all of the employee store their personal belongings. And when a waitress confronted him with what he was doing in there, he tried to forcibly grab her her booklet, which contained about 90 dollars in cash. He was unsuccessful.

The waitress actually chased him out of the store where she observed and getting into a key, a sedan driven by the second subject, one you see with the sunglasses on his head, got to the passenger side of that.

It was a white Kia, Sudan, and they drove away. Both subjects are still wanted. Agent Pekoe is working it out of our East Precinct General Crimes Unit three to one four five four sixty six forty is the number to call. If you know who these individuals are, you can also go to crime line at 1-800-423-TIPS or email So send a personal message on our Facebook page. Or you can download our smartphone app. You can send us a tip right from that.

You can also take a picture and send with it as well. So always looking for ways to have our citizens partner with us and help get bad people off our street.

All right. Let’s check in our Fugitive Unit. Always love to check in with them. I wish I was actually out there with them chasing bad people around. They do such an amazing job this week. They grab Scott Duniphan data of birth, May 5, 1978.

Scott Duniphan

He was arrested at the Merritt Island area. Arrest warrants for battery, domestic violence, felony battery by strangulation had no bond.

Jeremy Cushing was also arrested by our fugitive unit March 18. And his arrest warrant was reference conspiracy, conspiracy to possess meth, unlawful use of a two way communication bond at $10,000.

Jeremy Cushing

And then they also grabbed Anthony Barber, November 16, 1992 is the date of birth beachside arrest. That arrest was about a county warrant for violation of probation reference, sexual battery with no bond.

Anthony Barber

Our future view does a great job of getting them off the street and safely behind bars. So here’s what I’m a day.

If you’re a fugitive, you are literally seconds, minutes, hours or days away from going to the Brevard County jail.

Fugitive unit is going to kick your door. And so go do the right thing. Go turn yourself in. Let’s give him a little break. They’ve been working pretty hard. All right. Let’s head over to our north precinct where Agent Rob Brown needs our help in solving a boat theft case as boat theft case occurred on May 3.


The owner of the boat was travelling down 46 near Tamae Drive in Mims got a flat tire on the boat trailer. He had to leave the vessel on the side of the road so they could go get a spare tire from their home when it came back, the boat had been stolen. The boat is a 1999 Sea Ray Sundancer  who was on a grey homemade trailer and displayed boat sticker F.L. 31 71 MASC at the time it was stolen.

Now, as you can see, kind of justice board, pretty nice looking boat out of stand out. If somebody has this and they shouldn’t, if you know who has it or where you can find the boat, please get a hold of Agent Rob out of our north precinct. Two, six, four courses, three, two, one, two, six, 452, 10. You sent him an email. You sent him a Facebook message on our personal and our sheriff’s office.

Facebook sent us a smartphone app tip. Or you can go to crime line at one eight hundred forty three tips. All right.

Let’s do our one more check in on a fugitive unit. Couple more arrests they made. Floyd Joiner Jr. with a date of birth November 27,1987.

Floyd Joiner Jr.

You see Floyd up on our Brevard County Justice Board with some bars about to slam in his face. He was arrested for violation of probation reference, lewd or lascivious conduct offender 18 or older. No bond as it should be.

Also, they grabbed Keith Eggerton out of the Melbourne area restaurant reference, grand theft, grand theft, farm, false verification of ownership and dealing in stolen property.

His bond was $3,500. Both of them went straight into Brevard County Jail because of our fugitive unit, because of our citizens to partner with us. All right. Our last case this week.
Out of our east precinct rage at Patrick Hanigan is asking for help in solving a pretty significant retail theft case that happened at Home Depot.
Actually, the value of the merchandise, about $4,600. And that happened on January 20 of this year.

The two subjects you see up on the board actually went into Home Depot. They grabbed a buggy. They had a container in it. They went straight to the tools, grabbed some batteries.

Actually, a pretty significant amount of batteries out of there, about $4,600 worth, and put them in the container and then walked out the store.

The subjects exited the store and entered an unknown make model four door silver sedan. If you know who these two individuals are, these two thieves that are constantly going into stores and stealing. Please let us know. Get a hold of Patrick Hanigan. You can call him at 321-454-6640 or email him Send us a Facebook tip on our personal message on our Facebook page or send us a tip on our BCSO app.

That’s that’s the last case for our show tonight. As always, bye by. There is no better form of justice in Brevard County. Justice Brevard County is the last place you want to go to jail. You find yourself out of jail, I promise you. You won’t want to come back. We take great pride in serving the worst food in the country out there. As always, of our county justice, where our victim’s rights come first.

“It’s about putting bad people in jail and finding justice for victims by furthering the already amazing partnership we enjoy with our citizens as we all work together to keep Brevard County safe,” said Sheriff Ivey.

“This new addition to our crime-fighting effort is designed to engage our citizens in helping us solve crimes that have occurred right here in Brevard County.”

If you have any information call Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS(8477)

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