WATCH: Sanitation Workers in Central Florida Emphasize Safety Practices Amid COVID-19

By  //  May 27, 2020

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garbage collectors rank No. 5 in the top 10 deadliest jobs

ABOVE VIDEO: The Friday Night Locker Room – Space Coast Daily’s Sade Teel talks with members of the City of Ocala Sanitation Division. May 17 – 23 is National Public Works Week, and Teel had a chance to ride along with employees on one of their routes. She talked with Division Head of Sanitation Dwayne Drake about the importance of safety on a daily basis, and the importance of their job. Teel also had the opportunity to talk with other Sanitation employees.

OCALA, FLORIDA – Friday Night Locker Room – Space Coast Daily’s Sade Teel recently talked with members of the City of Ocala Sanitation Division during National Public Works Week to emphasize the important safety measures sanitation employees provide in public health amid COVID-19.

Here is Sade Teel’s account of her visit with the City of Ocala Sanitation Division:

“Sanitation workers are keeping our communities clean by collecting, transporting and disposing of garbage. According to the National Geographic, the U.S. is the king of trash, producing a world leading 250 million tons a year.

I had the privilege of experiencing what the city of Ocala sanitation workers do firsthand and also ride along with them. Dwayne Drake, the division head of Ocala Sanitation, shared a message to citizens about what they are doing to be safe during COVID-19.

Just remind people that our guys are trying to be safe. Our guys are trying to do everything they can to do a good job for the citizens. And we’re trying to make sure that our guys are safe themselves, not just in the garbage that we’re dealing with on a daily basis. We are trying to make sure they have, everything they need to work as safely as they can.

According to CBS News, garbage collectors are ranked No. 5 in the top 10 deadliest jobs. Sanitation workers not only operate advanced machinery, but also have firsthand contact with rotting garbage.

A breeding ground for disease causing organisms such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. Drake said if we don’t pick up garbage, you will deal with another health crisis, infections that people can get. But we are essential because we are very much in need.

The City of Ocala Sanitation Department describes themselves as people who serve the community, and they do it because it feels right.

To my fellow sanitation workers, due to this pandemic and everything is going on, I would just like to say, hey, just continue to keep doing what you are doing, sanitize properly. You know, things seem to blow. What does he say? Hey, there’s something that we’ve got to deal with right now. So I say to those sanitation workers, just hang in there. You’ll be OK. Just keep doing your day to day job as you normally do. And this, too, shall pass.

For a title sponsor, Erdmann Automotive, I’m Sade Teel of the Friday Night Locker Room and Space Coast Daily TV.


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