Nicholai Perrett Goes Romantic With Viral Video of Pickup Lines

By  //  June 15, 2020

Instagram star and content creator, Nicholai Perrett, provides funny pick up lines in his viral Instagram video.

Instagram star and content creator, Nicholai Perrett, provides funny pick up lines in his viral Instagram video.

Nicholai Perrett has taken a seemingly unfamiliar path as he provides funny tips to help men land their dates with relative ease.

In a video that already has more than 120 thousand views on his Instagram page, Nicholai was seen giving funny dialogue starters that he described as he favorite pickup lines.

The video again brought to bear the creativity and ingenuity of Nicholai Perrett, features that have helped to increase his popular on Instagram and across the internet.

Social media influencing has become popular in recent times, with the thriving industry becoming the toast of brands and businesses across the globe.

Thanks to the increased accessibility to the internet with smart mobile devices becoming more popular, creative minds have taken their talent to the internet, a medium that avails them the opportunity to reach a global audience without having to break the bank.

However, one of the major challenges, if not the only struggle by online influencers, is coming up with pieces that will thrill their fans and keep them engaged.

One individual that does not seem affected by any type of block is Nicholai Perrett. The versatility of his videos has more than substantiated this claim. 

A reiteration of Nicholai’s creativity is the Pickup Lines video, where Nicholai showed a mastery of wordplay to deliver funny yet effective pickup lines.

In the video, Nicholai was seen trying several types of pickup lines on different females. From the creation of words such as McGorgeous to twisting the definition of words such as theft, Nicholai gave a new definition to romance.

While no one knows how his adventures with his potential dates went after using the lines, one sure thing is that Nicholai was able to pass a message – his creativity is unmatched.

The pickup line video is not the only time Nicholai has shown his creativity with romance as he treats his fans across different platforms to entertaining yet message-filled content.

One of his most popular videos on TikTok was centered on cuddling. The How to Cuddle video on TikTok has received over 1.2 million likes and over 10 million views even as it continues to get accolades from fans and followers of Nicholai worldwide, further reiterating his mastery of the art.