Stress and Hormones: Is There Any Connection?

By  //  June 9, 2020

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Stress can kill you, both figuratively and literally. Even if it doesn’t, it can create havoc in your body and mind which can make life unbearable. There are many ways stress can affect your body that you may not realize.

Stress can kill you, both figuratively and literally. Even if it doesn’t, it can create havoc in your body and mind which can make life unbearable. There are many ways stress can affect your body that you may not realize.


What is Stress?

Stress, in simplest terms, is the fight or flight response. We feel it whenever we are in a situation our bodies consider threatening. In the early days of the earth, that developed as a survival tool. Early humans would be frightened at a large predatory animal and flee or they sensed an adversary and fight. 

Today’s world doesn’t have predatory animals chasing us or enemies trying to steal your food. However, today’s humans can feel threatened by different situations such as a boss yelling at you, a car accident, a fight with your spouse, or mounting bills. 

Many felt enormous stress withe pandemic shelter-in-place orders and job losses over the coronavirus. 

Physical responses to stress include:

• Muscle pain

• Escalated heart rate

• Low energy

• Stomach cramps

• Nausea

• Headache

• Diarrhea

• Choking feeling

Stress Affects Moods, Behaviors

These are just some of the physical symptoms you can experience from stress. 

Stress can also affect your mood, behavior, and emotions. It can cause anxiety, a lack of focus, an overwhelming feeling, and depression. It can herald to you overeating, initiating outbursts of anger or sadness, and abusing drugs or alcohol. That’s why it is important to relieve stress with destressing natural CBD capsules.

Hormones and Stress

There are scientific links to hormones and emotions. Author Datis Kaharrazian explains in his book Why Isn’t My Brain Working that serotonin and dopamine can have deficiencies that are the root cause of depression.

Testosterone deficiency has been known to cause depression in men as well, along with a lack of energy, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. Estrogen and progesterone need to balance out in women for women to feel good. Otherwise, it can lead to a decreased sex drive, headaches, mood swings, and problems with breasts such as tenderness and fibrocystic breasts. 

As HGH therapy clinic specialists report here Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can also be one of those hormones that affect your moods, emotions and cognitive functions. HGH is a peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland, is considered as a stress hormone because it is produced to increase glucose concentration and free fatty acids. It helps children grow and mature, build muscle mass as well as muscle. 

All hormones work together to help the body function. When some are off, it throws the body off-kilter. There are hormone therapies for HGH, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. 

One study with 15 participants should that HGH responded to a thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) that was most significant when there was stress. There were significant increases in the human growth hormone only when the TRH and stress were present.

 Handling Stress

 There are some ways you can reduce the effects of stress without going to a doctor or a therapist. Some of the easiest things you can do is getting regular physical activity, do something for relaxation like yoga or meditation, spending time with friends and family, developing hobbies, and learning to laugh. 

Natural things like including lavender around your house, including a treat like chocolate-covered strawberries sometimes, taking a luxurious bath, and getting a massage can help ease stress too. 

You may choose to get some help balancing your hormones. There are herbs and supplements that can ease the symptoms of naturally declining hormones. A decline in hormone production typically occurs after age 40, so supplements are good to use in middle age and older. 

There are those who suffer from hormone deficiency. This is a medical condition where hormone production is far less than it should be for your age. There are hormone therapies for HGH, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Those who have a hormone deficiency can get human growth hormone injections and other types of bio-identical hormones at a clinic. However, there is a process to get a prescription for hormone replacement therapy.

Go to the Doctor

First, you must go to your doctor and get a blood test. The test will show your levels and how bad your deficiency is. Your doctor will then consult with you on treatment and issue you a prescription if he or she feels growth hormone therapy is the route you should take. 

With a prescription, a hormone replacement therapy clinician can administer the injections and put you on a long-term course to better health. Do not get hormone therapy without a prescription or under a doctor’s care. It is illegal to do so, but more importantly, it is dangerous. Illicit hormone therapies can cause cancer, heart problems, and other fatal conditions.

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