Tradus: Buying Used Trucks, Heavy Machinery or Used Equipment

By  //  June 17, 2020

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Most heavy machinery shoppers believe that a product that is branded will offer them quality service. The problem however is getting what they want at affordable prices and within their desired timeframe.

Most heavy machinery shoppers believe that a product that is branded will offer them quality service. The problem however is getting what they want at affordable prices and within their desired timeframe.

It is practically impossible to go round to all the sellers scrutinizing what they have before making a purchase. With the internet intertwined into our day to day lives, it is no wonder that traders who choose to sell or buy items online are having an easy time.

Among these vibrant marketplaces is, a subsidiary under the OLX Group.

Are you interested in buying used trucks, heavy machinery or used equipment but not limited to your region?

A search through the Tradus platform is enough evidence that the internet is the perfect place to look. From trailers, tractors, trucks, loaders to excavators, Tradus provides a common ground for those who are in it to either buy or sell.

Tradus overview

Wherever you are in the world, the only qualification you need is to have is the equipment or heavy machinery that you are looking to buy or sell.

The platform is quite simple to use and even the clueless on online navigation will love the experience. Since its inception,

Tradus has recorded organic growth not only in the number of items sold but also in the number of people who visit the site.

Those who have tested the platform can attest to the wide coverage of the catalogue. The machinery and equipment posted are second-hand; so new businesses will afford to buy quality machinery at the most competitive rates.

Are you worried that you might not get what you are looking for because you are purchasing for a specialized function?

The listings on Tradus, covers an extensive range of industries and sectors – construction, agriculture, transport and many others.

Customer support

For those who find the platform complicated in terms of searching and navigation, Tradus has a team of trained support agents that are ever willing to assist.

With dedicated customer happiness telephone numbers that connect to English, Dutch or Romanian teams, customer needs are clearly taken care of.

A common query from the platform users is how to post items for sale. To be clear on this, it is important that the difference between Tradus Pro and is understood.

Simply put, Tradus Pro is the CRM on which sellers create their listings, while the .com site is what is visible online and from where purchases are made.

Global presence

The Tradus platform could not have been unveiled at a better time – the world is ablaze with people coming up with multiple ideas to make money without necessarily sweating out manually.

With thousands of agricultural land available for tillage, why would a farmer labor over multiple days and nights when they can purchase machinery to accomplish their tasks within a fraction of the time? Mechanization is a global phenomenon and that explains the global demand for machinery and equipment.

Tradus is available in many countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates).

Platform users can access the service online through their computers or from an app which is compatible across mobile devices.

Tradus app

Do you prefer trading from the comfort of your smartphone? The Tradus app is on Google Play for Android and App Store for IOS – just type “Tradus – Heavy machinery”

With the app, users can register to receive updates on machinery availability, get to know the latest platform news/updates and even share offers with other online users. For those whose interest is in selling, the process of responding to buyers is faster and convenient.

Whether you are registered on TRADUS or TRADUS PRO, a smartphone is your tool for connecting to those who have common interests.


If you were to eliminate all the middlemen from the supply chain, buyers would benefit greatly from the wholesale prices.

This is exactly what Tradus is doing by a single platform where sellers and buyers can converge and interact directly in negotiation.

A successful sale on Tradus begins by wholesalers and distributors showcasing their products on the storefront page of the site. This is followed by buyers checking feedback and ratings left by other buyers.