Discussing Ups and Downs With Nicholas Flathau

By  //  July 9, 2020

Over the years, we’ve seen many businesses rise and bloom and as a consequence, various success stories have emerged.

Today, we are in discussion with one such young entrepreneur who turned his life around after various twists and turns by simply following his passion and working hard.

Being a Young Millionaire, what Advice would you Give to Others who Want to Follow in Your Footsteps?

Being successful is all about working hard. A lot of people have big dreams and goals planned out but never quite find the time to work on them.

This is the main problem with people. If you never try, there will never be space in your twenty four hour day for you to work. It is very important to sacrifice minor luxuries like outings with friends and family so you can focus on your work and move forward with a clear head.

What Difficulties Did you Face to Reach Here in Life and How did You Overcome Them?

Since the early college years, my life has been changing a lot. I went from a Varsity football player with NFL dreams to a guy with a ruptured ACL. I studied medicine and worked in elderly care for a while but even then I just knew that this is not what I wanted out of life. 

The truth is that I did not pay a lot of attention to what difficulties came in my way. Everyone has their fair share of problems to deal with. What is important is the fact that you still stand unshaken. No matter what happens, you should not take your eyes off the prize. That’s how winning is done.

What Would You say is Your Biggest Achievement?

Having three successful companies is something that I’m very proud of but at its very core, it is what you can do with your wealth that counts. It is difficult for families to support their child’s aspirations and in that respect, I would say that my biggest achievement so far is to have been able to support my daughter and secure her future. In the end, it’s all for her.

What Makes Flawless Diamonds Special in your Opinion?

Flawless Diamonds is one of a kind brand. We cut straight to the chase always. We don’t believe in sugar-coating matters or beating around the bush. This is why we are completely transparent and honest with each customer regardless of who they are. That kind of sincerity is not found everywhere these days and truly makes use special.

You Have Gained so Much and in Such Little time. Have you Given Something back to Society?

At the end of the day, I think it’s all about the fortunate being able to help the less fortunate. That is how you make the world a better place.

This is exactly why we’ve done a lot for the society like helping people pay rent they can’t afford, filling children’s Christmas wish lists, and volunteering to help the less privileged. Our brand believes in giving back to society as much as possible and our work is a testament to that?

How Important is it to Mentally Prepare Yourself to Achieve Success?

Having stable mental health is very important and there is no one better than your friends to helps you with these situations.

Having a positive circle of friends around you helps you to stay calm and level headed even in difficult times. It is also very important for you to think positive thoughts and be optimistic no matter what. Having faith in what you are doing is very important.

Is There any new Chapter in Your Life that You Would Like to Talk About?

We have recently decided to add a new fourth member to our family. This is a line of clothing apparel that will include hoodies, long sleeves, tee shirts, tank tops, and more. If anyone is interested in the apparel, they can easily reach me on my Instagram or call me to know more.