Fashion Trends In 2020

By  //  July 9, 2020

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Fashion has long been a critical subject. It’s also one of the more fun and exciting topics of discussion and, of course, ongoing debate.

Fashion has long been a critical subject. It’s also one of the more fun and exciting topics of discussion and, of course, ongoing debate.

Throughout the ages, trends have emerged in cultures across the globe. Now that the world has become much more global than it was in the past, fashions from the various corners of the planet routinely spread, converge, and evolve into all new styles.

Accessories Say it All

As is always the case, accessories are as much a part of the latest fashion trends as clothing. These days, the shoes don’t necessarily have to match the outfit or the occasion, and the most recent developments aren’t restricted to either bold and flashy or tame and muted.

That being said, those who are interested in Adina’s Jewels will find a wide range of options that offer classic beauty while melding with any in-vogue outfit whether you’re strutting down the runway or strolling along the beach

Bringing Clothes into the Picture

It’s no secret that this has been an unusual year. Considering the unexpected developments to unfold, fashion may not seem like a major concern.

In fact, for quite a few people, yoga pants, pajamas, and fuzzy slippers have been the only wardrobe necessary for 2020 so far. Still, going out is sure to become an option again. When it does, you want to be ready for it. Many of the current trends such as supreme hooded jackets take their inspiration from the past.

1) Vests

Vests, or waistcoats as they’re also known, are among this year’s must-haves. They’re certainly not new to the fashion realm, though. Vests actually date back to the 1600s and were made popular by the royalty of the time. Though they were originally worn by men under the finest suit jackets, they’ve branched out well beyond those confines.

Today, they’re not limited to a specific gender or by season or accompanying attire. They’re available in countless colors, prints, and styles and perfect for sporty, formal, and corporate looks as well as many others.

2) 1980s Chic

During the coming months, you’re bound to see a wide range of outfits that pay homage to the feminine corporate look of the 1980s.

Trending suits for the ladies will feature jackets, knee-length skirts, and button-up blouses. In many cases, the skirts are being replaced by Bermuda shorts that are a step or two above the traditional casual variety. It seems the shoulder pads of the originating fashion era haven’t made their way into the present, though. Feel free to pair these suits with heels or retro loafers to round out the look.

3) Puff and Polka Dots

Polka dots and puffy sleeves are making an appearance in a wide range of clothing genres, including sophisticated and casual. Puffy sleeves are transcending styles and materials to appear in virtually every corner of the fashion industry from fun summer crop tops to chic dresses. Polka dots are following suit, making their way onto dresses, slacks, shorts, swimwear, and numerous other types of clothing.

4) Fun and Flowy

Comfortable, flowy dresses made of soft, breathable materials haven’t been left out of the mix. They’re wonderful for trips to the beach, nights out on the town, summer barbecues, and endless other occasions. This ongoing trend is also a cute, feminine look that suits almost everyone.

In a Nutshell

Some styles survive the test of time while others tend to come and go. This year’s fashions seem to offer a nice mix of both. That being said, 2020 is also the year for thinking outside the box.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate your own personal flair into your wardrobe even if it doesn’t exactly follow the going trends.