Patokh Chodiev: How to Find Your Way in Life?

By  //  July 15, 2020

Patokh Chodiev is a businessman from Uzbekistan. The commercial interests of the entrepreneur play an important role in the economy of those areas where the branches of his enterprises are located.

Patokh Chodiev is a businessman from Uzbekistan. The commercial interests of the entrepreneur play an important role in the economy of those areas where the branches of his enterprises are located.

He pays great attention to the development and diversification of the business. He implements a program to develop youth entrepreneurship and create a local business environment.

A native of Jizzakh, young Patokh graduated from high school with a gold medal. After he got a job in a regional newspaper, where he took the post of the corrector.

This newspaper published articles by journalists, as well as engaged in book publishing.

Further prospects were associated with studying at a university, and the young man chooses MGIMO, where he studies in the specialty International Law.

Upon completion, he takes up a diplomatic post at the government. The specialist works as an adviser on the commercial interaction of the USSR and Japan, where he proves himself in the best way.

After completing public service, Mr. Chodiev begins to engage in the mining business. Later, he will become a shareholder of ERG, one of the most influential industrial mining companies in Eurasia, which has significantly affected the welfare of the population in the regions of its presence.

Taking part in building a prosperous society in several countries at once, the businessman received major state awards.

Patronage projects of Patokh Chodiev

Currently, Patokh Chodiev is known as a philanthropist and advocate of universal access to knowledge and art. He is a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as an honorary member of the Club of Patrons of Japanese Art.

In addition, many of his own scientific publications on the history, economics, and politics of Japan were published.

One of the main goals of his social, cultural, and educational projects is to support talented youth. To do this, he formed the structure, which is his tool in the field of charity – the International Chodiev Foundation (ICF).

An agreement was signed between the Fund and MGIMO on the basis of which talented Kazakh and Uzbek youth get the opportunity to study at a prestigious Moscow university.

The Foundation regularly holds general conferences and seminars, gathering scientists from Japan and Russia at them in order to develop a common field for interaction and exchange of scientific ideas. A joint compilation is published, which contains abstracts of conferences, as well as scientific publications.

The charitable organization also works in the field of art, organizing concerts where musicians performed works of classical Russian composers directly in the Japanese capital. Fattah Chodiev also provided financially the output of the works of the Imperial House of Japan. Copies of the books were solemnly handed over to the Japanese delegation for storage in the imperial palace.

Charity initiatives

Mr. Chodiev is closely involved in updating the infrastructure of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan related to social needs – roads, schools, and hospitals.

In addition, he initiated a project to provide housing for needy citizens of the country. The first in the line were large families. At the expense of the businessman, dozens of temples, mosques, and synagogues were built.

As part of the charity, Patokh Chodiev also does not forget about orphanages with shelters. In the future, this will provide an opportunity to become full citizens to those who would otherwise be lost to society.

This trusteeship on the part of people who are not indifferent to the fate of others, using both innovation and significant resources, contributes to the humanization of Kazakh and Uzbek societies.

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