The Unexpected Benefits of Fortnite Birthdays

By  //  July 22, 2020

Good morning game lovers! We are here to brighten your day. We know you constantly get scolded for playing Fortnite. But wise men say, every cloud has its silver lining! And so do you!

Good morning game lovers! We are here to brighten your day. We know you constantly get scolded for playing Fortnite. But wise men say, every cloud has its silver lining! And so do you!

From now on, whenever your mom and dad or simply your teachers get on your nerves for playing Fortnite, make them understand that you are developing your brain! You’re improving your skills, not just playing a game! But how will you make your parents realize that? Keep reading ahead to find out! 

Long time ago, there was an article published by New York Magazine on this issue. They labeled Fortnite as “the most important video game” against all other games on the planet. Can you believe that? Well, we do! In fact, more than 150 million Fortnite gamers all across the world would unhesitatingly agree too!

Education is not only about going to school and doing homeworks. It’s about learning new things, undergoing new adventures, taking up challenges, and building new skills along with developing the existing ones. Fortnite party helps education while the video game is mostly recognized as a source of fun entertainment for kids, Fortnite also allow you to eventually get hold of some highly essential day-to-day lessons needed for riding the boat called your life!

Those who play Fortnite, you must know about the most important feature of this game – The Battle Royale! This is where you get provided with plenty of surprises and thrill.

The match begins as a battle for collecting resources, finding and obtaining larger and greater weapons and killing or avoiding other players that happen to be nearby. Players need to be mindful of the diminishing play zone regularly and try to stay in it while not getting lost in the process. What happens once the remaining players shoot it out?

The match finishes and one squad or a single player evolves the winner! Not only can you enjoy the game alone, you can even team up with different players! This way together you can construct, gather resources, and fight your way to victory in the Battle Royale. 

How is this improving you from inside? Here you go! 

1. Learning to adapt and adjust

You can’t precisely monitor where you’re heading to, what’s coming up for you or where you are going to drop in Fortnite! You hardly have any clue over what you’re receiving and what your squadmates are.

The more you can develop your ability to adapt to an unexpected situation in the game, the better you will perform in real life. By not having the ability to adjust, people can be trapped in conditions much longer than is reasonably appropriate and will therefore be unable to achieve their goals.

2. You learn to simultaneously plan and prepare 

For new players, the journey in Fortnite begins with zero preparations. But you can still step up your game if you learn how to detect a bush wookiee! To keep scoring success in Fortnite, you need to learn from each game. You have to minimize losses than you made the last time.

This develops your planning skills and your farsightedness. The more you can plan and prepare, the nearer you are to be the winnwr – be that be in your video game, or your student life!

3. You Master In Team Coordination

Fortnite may be played solo. You can also join a squad and play as a whole. Joining commandos with constructors improves your chances with the alien hoards. Cooperating with your guildmates and coordination are very important. In Life and in Fortnite.

4. You Learn To Have Patience

A golden rule of Fortnite is to build enough before you hog onto battles. Time will be your ally in majority of the times in Fortnite – the time spent gathering resources, constructing buildings, as well as for observing. So you learn to wait.

You learn to be patient. This character trait will help you during the toughest times your life will push you onto! Make sure you can bear patience in those times too, just like you did in Fortnite. 

5. You Develop Resilience

No matter how much you get knocked down by other players, you refuse to give up! This level of self-esteem is what even many adults don’t have which Fortnite players do.

Every match results in stress, impulses, only one winner and many whiners.

Not every players always win their first match and by the time you get the gist of the game, you lose much more. The closest you get to victory, is the fastest you can get back on your feet again. Not only in Fortnite, but real life too.

6. You Learn Strategic Thinking

Being able to make your own strategies is the key to success. Having strategies will help you to make smart decisions necessary to fight your way to be at the top rank in Fortnite. Knowing how to think strategically assists you to figure out your main objectives.

Then accordingly design a mind map to achieve victory. Kinda seems like this is applicable in all aspects of life (and not just Fortnite, duh!)

7. You learn to accept failures.

Wise folks say failure is the pillar to success. In the early stages, you have a 99/100 chance of losing the game. Practice and training can bring in improvements in your chances of winning, but even the pro-gamers don’t win at times.

In real life, you will notice things aren’t going you way. u have long experience of playing fortnite, you’ll know how to accept your luck and move on confidently in pursuit of victory! 

Last but not least, Fortnite is more than just a video game! It’s a great source of education, shaping our children in their leisure time today for a better tomorrow.

It’s setting up our kids with the necessary skills that their career advisers will be telling them to grow in them for their careers! So why not let our kids start growing the skills from now! Through Fortnite!