Top 7 Chris Evans Movies of All Time

By  //  July 9, 2020

Chris Evans is a very gifted actor who has appeared in quite a number of incredible movies in his career. While most people might know him as Captain America, he has done many other films where he truly got to show his talents as an actor.

Chris Evans is a very gifted actor who has appeared in quite a number of incredible movies in his career. While most people might know him as Captain America, he has done many other films where he truly got to show his talents as an actor.

The actor, who has been on the top of many lists as the most handsome man, is widely loved by fans who are quite excited to see what project he stumbles on next since, spoiler alert, Cap grew old in the last Avengers movie.

For now, let’s get into the past and see Evans’ best work in Hollywood besides the Marvel movies since you might already be well aware of them.


Snowpiercer is an incredible sci-fi movie depicted in an entirely frozen world. Since there is no possible way to live in the plant, the last of the human race resides in an unstoppable train. But the train is divided into classes, and the people at the end of it aren’t treated well. 

Chris Evans gives a heartfelt performance in this action-packed thriller. Since Evans’ was in the lowest class, he gets some powerful moments that show the audience how badly the system has affected him and others around him.


Gifted is a fantastic movie that really shows how well of an actor Evans really is. Playing the role of Frank Adler, he is the guardian of his brilliant niece, whose grandmother wants to really push to her limits. 

In the movie, Evans’ character wants his niece to have a nice and simple childhood like every other kid. But when Frank’s mother learns of the young girl’s abilities, she threatens to take her away.

The movie has many emotional moments, and Chris Evans’ performs them incredibly well. 

Before We Go

Before We Go is an exceptional movie on Chris Evans’ list. It involves the main characters simply walking around New York City and getting to know each other.

If you want to see Evan’s getting to know and falling in love with the lovely Alice Eve, who plays Brooke, then this movie is perfect for you.

They both meet in a train station where Nick, Evans’ character, is playing the trumpet. The movie then follows them dealing with romantic issues and enjoying each other’s company.

Chris Evans’ charming personality and fantastic acting together made the movie a hit. Since it’s all about the journey in the film, it really requires the actors to show chemistry on camera. 


Sunshine sets out in a world where the sun is slowly dying and bringing an end to all life on Earth. For that reason, a small crew of eight members, including both men and women, travel to space in hopes of reviving the dying sun and saving the planet. 

The incredibly underrated movie has a fantastic lead of eight actors, including Chris Evans and Cillian Murphy.

The movie is perfect for the handsome actor because it prepares him for the role of Captain America. Evans’ character Mace is incredibly mission-driven, but he doesn’t have the level of humanity that Cap does.

Knives Out

In the movie, Chris Evans plays quite a different role than what people are used to seeing in his Marvel movies. The spoiled and ruthless Hugh Ransom Drysdale is the grandson of a famous and rich writer.

The box office hit plays out as a renowned private investigator works with two detectives to solve the murder of Harlan Thrombey, Hugh’s grandfather.

Chris Evans performed exceptionally well in this movie, as he convinces the audience that he is a bad guy at one second and a good guy in the next. Making the movie truly thrilling and mysterious. 

Not Another Teen Movie

The ’80s and the ’90s have seen their fair share of romantic teen movies. That is why Not Another Teen Movie stands out.

The movie parodies every cliché and cheesy line in the usual teen love hits that were released around that time.

The handsome Chris Evans plays a high school jock, who is clearly a combination of Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles and Freddie Price Jr. from She’s All That. Evans embraces his role really well in this incredibly entertaining movie. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Chris Evans plays quite a different role than his usual heroic ones in this movie. Scott Pilgrim is played by Michael Cera, and the character must battle all the seven exes of his current girlfriend, Ramona Flowers, in the film. 

Evans’ character, Lucas Lee, was Ramona’s high school boyfriend and turned into a famous action star. His over-the-top villain role gets very comical, and it’s incredibly entertaining to see Evans play it. But in the end, you will definitely root for Scott to beat Lucas.