4 Reasons Why More People Are Deciding to Get Their Master’s in Education Online

By  //  August 20, 2020

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Working in education has a number of benefits, which is why it continues to get attention from new students. For one, education is a recession-proof industry, and there are always students who need to be taught.

Working in education has a number of benefits, which is why it continues to get attention from new students. For one, education is a recession-proof industry, and there are always students who need to be taught.

Another benefit of working in education is that you can take your talents with you virtually anywhere you go.

Many decide to go for a master’s degree in education for a number of reasons. Earning a master’s degree in education may expand your career options if you are a teacher, or open the door to working in education if you have an unrelated degree.

More people than ever are also deciding to get their master’s in education online nowadays, and it’s easy to see why when you look at all the benefits. Here are 4 reasons why more people decide to get their master’s degree in education online.

It Helps You to Specialize

One of the benefits of getting a master’s degree in education online is that it can help people enter a higher paying specialty.

They might learn how to teach special education students, for instance, or they may earn the necessary qualifications to become a science or maths teacher. 

This type of specialization results in a significant pay bump for teachers and the best part is that they don’t have to leave their current position to do so. They can still earn their degree while they’re working full time either through asynchronous classes or by attending at the best time for them.

It is far easier to find an online program that fits their schedule, whether they’re working in the classroom during the day or teaching night school. 

Online programs are often the only choice when juggling both family responsibilities and work when returning to school. Students can also accelerate their programme if they want to get their degree faster or stretch it out to make it easier for them to balance with their current obligations.

Earning a master’s degree online will also yield a higher return on the invested effort as online education programs are typically cheaper than in-person classes for a number of reasons.

While tuition costs are comparable, students don’t have to pay for various campus fees, commute, or pay for student accommodation. They also don’t have to spend as much on learning materials, as much of it will be dispensed online.

It Prepares You for a Promotion

A master’s degree in education is often the first step to moving into school administration because classroom experience is not sufficient. A master’s degree will teach you how to develop the curriculum and manage teachers, which are all essential aspects of being an administrator.

Getting an MA education distance learning allows you to move into a leadership role, whether you’re heading a tutoring program or leading the school. For example, you may not be able to find an MA in educational leadership at your local teaching college, but you can choose from a number of such programs online.

You’ll also enjoy the same level of support from your professors and networking opportunities when you earn an online master’s degree. 

Also, note that employers make absolutely no distinction between an online degree and a traditional one. All they care about is the reputation of the school and its education program.

It Opens Up More Job Opportunities

A master’s degree significantly improves job stability. You’re less likely to be laid off in your current job, and you’ll be considered qualified for many more positions.

A master’s degree in education makes it easier to move into the corporate or non-profit sector, for instance. You could oversee corporate training programs or literacy-related charities. Or, you could become an educational consultant or fill out individualized education plans for special needs students.

It Makes You More Effective in the Classroom

An advanced degree can increase your skills inside and outside of the classroom. You may learn how to better handle angry parents or deal with difficult students.

Or, you may improve your understanding of the subject matter you teach and learn better ways to teach it to students.

A master’s degree in education will teach you how to observe other teachers and give actionable advice. This can help you improve your own performance in the classroom, too.

An online master’s degree in education is a worthwhile investment, whether you want to be a better teacher or want to move into another role. The fact that it can lead to a higher paycheck or a role that allows you to influence the outcomes for hundreds of students is a bonus.