Breast Implants Placement in Turkish Clinics

By  //  August 21, 2020

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Almost 70% of women would like to enlarge their breasts with plastic surgery and this figure is increasing every year. The fact is that no woman would miss the chance to look better with the help of medicine.

Almost 70% of women would like to enlarge their breasts with plastic surgery and this figure is increasing every year. The fact is that no woman would miss the chance to look better with the help of medicine.

That is why breast augmentation with the help of breast implants has recently become so popular abroad.

One of the best countries considering the quality of medical services in Turkey. Breast implants in Turkey are made of the most advanced materials, and surgeons with vast experience will help you enlarge your breasts without health risks. It is a pleasant fact that the prices for cosmetic surgery in Turkey are on average 30% lower than in European countries.

Benefits of breast augmentation

Almost any woman can enlarge her breasts if she wants. This treatment will help her look more attractive and feel confident. Also, most men like big breasts. Thus, breast enlargement will help women to cope with low self-esteem. 

Breast augmentation can also be performed for cosmetic reasons, in the presence of breast injury or for medical reasons. This procedure is able to eliminate visible defects, thereby improving a woman’s quality of life. The method of surgical intervention is chosen during the initial consultation, after examination by a specialist and thorough assessment of the state of the breast.

Numerous studies show that almost all women who have undergone breast reduction or augmentation do not regret even after many years. Turkish implants are absolutely safe.

Causes of breast elasticity loss

The force of gravity acts on every person on the planet. Women’s breasts are not an exception. On a daily basis, a breast is exposed to earthly gravity, which reduces her elasticity as her ligaments weaken. By the age of 40, most women have sagging breasts. 

Fortunately, today this deficiency can be easily corrected with breast implants, which will help your breasts regain their former elasticity and make you look younger and more attractive. Up to 93% of women report improved mood after breast enlargement surgery.

Advantages of Turkey

Nowadays, Turkey is a perfect country to undergo cosmetic surgery for many reasons.

Firstly, all breast implants in Turkey are manufactured using only the most advanced technologies and are made of ultra-strong materials, which increases their durability.

Any cosmetic surgery in Turkey is performed with the most advanced equipment by doctors with vast experience, thus avoiding postoperative complications.

In addition to TOP-class medicine, Turkey has beautiful landscapes, watching which you can forget about all your problems. Turkish climate facilitates faster recovery after plastic surgery.


Unfortunately, breast augmentation, like any other surgery, has a number of conditions in which the procedure can cause complications. Before undergoing the operation, you should visit your doctor for revealing any contraindications, like:

■ Diabetes mellitus.

■ Infectious breast diseases.

■ Any stage of oncology.

■ Decompensated heart defects.

■ Age under 18 years.

■ Pregnancy and lactation.

■ Autoimmune diseases.

■ Mental disorders.

Risks of breast augmentation

If the operation is performed incorrectly or mistakes are made, breast augmentation can have negative consequences such as:

■ Scars. 

■ Infectious complications. 

■ Nipple damage during the operation.

In order to avoid complications, you should choose only experienced doctors and modern equipment. If you undergo plastic surgery in Turkey, you may avoid all the risks and have a better aesthetic look of your breasts safely.

How to find the best clinic for breast augmentation?

Thanks to the development of medical tourism, millions of patients have the opportunity to be treated in the best clinics. Medical tourism operators allow you to forget about all the problems during treatment planning completely. You no longer have to look for a clinic on your own or arrange a flight.

Booking Health, the best medical tourism operator, will do all this for you. Over the years, the company has successfully organized the treatment of more than several million patients from all over the world. A huge advantage is that when choosing Booking Health, the prices for cosmetic surgery in Turkey will be lower than when applying to the clinic by yourself.