Daily Fantasy Sports in Florida Back in Play as Professional Sports Returns

By  //  August 13, 2020

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The ongoing return of sports is a breath of fresh air to Daily Fantasy Sports in Florida, an industry that has been hurting immensely since major sports leagues went on a hiatus in March. (Daily Fantasy Sports image)

The ongoing return of sports is a breath of fresh air to Daily Fantasy Sports in Florida, an industry that has been hurting immensely since major sports leagues went on a hiatus in March. 

Like several states, sports betting in Florida is a grey area, which ensures DFS websites operate freely without breaking local laws. So, how does Daily Fantasy Sports work? Why try it when you can bet on sports? Why is it so popular?

How Daily Fantasy Sports Works

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a part of fantasy sports betting: a simulation game that challenges you to pick a team of players likely to perform the best at their positions. You can play DFS for all major leagues: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS.

You can also choose players from different teams within the same league. The bottom line is to fill your team with players you believe will perform impressively during a game. What do you get in return? 

That’s often a point of controversy. Some states, including Florida, believe DFS with monetary rewards is a form of gambling and should be regulated. The state is yet to create laws that regulate DFS, though.

And for that reason, you can join Florida Daily Fantasy Sports sites without fearing you’ll break any laws. Online-gambling.com, one of the best DFS sites, has a detailed guide on how to go about it safely.

You can also use FanDuel in Florida, the biggest DFS site in the country. However, some fantasy sports platforms like Yahoo Sports no longer operate in the Sunshine State by choice.

Basics of Daily Fantasy Sports

This seems obvious, but you need to sign up for an account at a DFS website to get started. Creating an account is free on most sites, including FanDuel and DraftKings. Next up is to select your favorite league, conference, and team.

With that in mind, DFS involves lining up restricted to a specific budget. FanDuel offers a salary cap of $60,000 on NBA games. In contrast, DraftKings gives you $55,000 in the same competition.

Your team’s total cost must not exceed the salary cap. That means you must be resourceful to find great bargains around the NBA. Also, keep in mind that players’ value appreciates or depreciates depending on their performance in real-life games.

When it comes to tournaments, this is where the action gets exciting. There are many ways to play fantasy sports. And depending on your budget and goals, you can compete for as little as $1 to as much as $1 million.

Why Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

  • The Thrill of Competition

So, you love the competitive nature of sports? DFS puts you in the driver seat to compete against one, ten, or a million others who enjoy the same game as you do? You can rally your friends to creates the best Dolphins DFS team, the Heat, Panthers, or Buccaneers.

You can play free DFS or level-up to compete with people who take sports seriously as much as you do. If you become excellent at it, you’ll also enjoy the next benefit of fantasy games…

• Win Money

You can win money playing DFS in several ways. First, you can engage in head-to-head tournaments. The goal here is to draft a better team than only one other competitor. 

It sounds easy, but it’s much more challenging than people imagine. First, luck plays a vital role in determining who wins. Then you could also be matched with someone better than you.

 You have better chances of winning money from a head-to-head duel than a guaranteed prize pool. With prize pools, there are hundreds of competitors and only a handful of winners. The benefit, though, is that several people share payouts, and they’re usually big. 

•  You Become a Coach and GM

General Managers and Coaches everywhere admit that their jobs can be stressful. But they can also be gratifying, especially after managing a team to success. This is also the same experience you get managing a DFS team.

On the one hand, you have to play the role of a GM and scout players, make trades, and waivers weekly. On the other, you have to make selections that determine how many points your team scores after every game. 

Playing the roles of a GM and coach is why DFS is more of a game of skill than chance. You have to be strategic, user experience, and knowledge of a game to consistently pick the right players. 

• A Variety of Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports isn’t limited to one league. It’s a game for everyone, whether you’re a Dolphins, Heat, Marlins, or Lightning fan. As such, everyone who loves sports can draft their favorite teams for the thrill of competition or win money.

All you need is to create an account at one of the leading DFS sites. Then you can choose a team and pick your team every week. As mentioned, there are many competitions in fantasy football. 

Compare the benefits of different leagues and tournaments and decide where you’ll fit seamlessly. If you get stuck, stick to guaranteed pool prize competitions. You compete with millions of others. And if you’re ever fortunate, you could win plenty of cash.

•  A Great Social Experiment

DFS provides a fun way to engage with people from all walks of life. It’s like another social media where you chat, compete, educate one another, and interact about something you share in common. 

In other words, DFS is an excellent way to spend your free time at work. But instead of idling on Facebook or Instagram, you engage your mind to something fun and profitable. 


With the return of sports leagues in the country, Florida DFS fans have something to celebrate. They can finally watch and engage with sports actively. The best DFS sites in the country let you engage with virtually any team. But if you want to make money from the simulation game, improve your skills.