How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Yourself

By  //  August 11, 2020

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Hair makes a big difference in our personality. You will see many people who are beautiful but wrong hairstyle sabotages their look. Just the change of hair can make you look like an entirely new person. Luckily, there isn’t any shortage of hairstyles.

Hair makes a big difference in our personality. You will see many people who are beautiful but wrong hairstyle sabotages their look. Just the change of hair can make you look like an entirely new person. Luckily, there isn’t any shortage of hairstyles.

There are hundreds of looks you can try, which is best if you like to keep changing. However, it also makes it difficult to find those few hairstyles that bring out the best of you.

This article will help you shorten that list of styles to make it easy to choose the most suitable one for you. 

What Hairstyle Goes Best with Face Shape?

You must have heard it from many people that you should choose a hairstyle that best suits your face shape. It’s not a myth; it is actually important.

All hairstyles are great, but not all of them will suit you. You might have seen celebrities rock every single style they make; they don’t do it randomly.

They learn about face shapes and then try hairstyles that look good on them before they go out in public. It doesn’t mean that you should only choose these hairstyles recommended for your face type. You can do any style; these are just known to never fail. 

1. Oval Face Shape

Oval faces have a well-balanced appearance and almost every hairstyle suits them. Short crop and long locks are known to look good on this face type. Moreover, you can’t go wrong with long curls and blunt bobs and lobs. 

2. Square Face Shape

Square faces usually have a strong jawline and broad forehead that makes them stand out. You should try side-parted hairstyle to soften your features and compliment that bone structure. Moreover, side-swept bangs, long airy layers, and short layered bobs would look great on you. 

3. Heart Face Shape

Not the real heart, but the kiss shaped heart that romantic people invented, that’s the structure you should be looking for in your face.

It’s not quite the same, because that would look absurd, it’s just a bit similar in a prettier way. You would have a narrow jawline and broad forehead for which curls starting below the ear, long side-swept cuts, side-parted pixies are most suitable. 

4. Round Face Shape

Round faces have almost the same length and width with rounded cheeks. Choppy pixie cuts usually look really good on women with this face type. Short side bangs and long layers cuts are also very popular among this class. 

Consider Your Most and Least Favorite Features

When choosing a hairstyle, you also need to consider what features of your body are highlighted by it. Make a list of your features that are your most and least favorite. You would want to choose a style that highlights your great features like eyes and hides less liked features like a big nose. For example, you shouldn’t make a hairstyle like spikes if you have a long face. 

Some hairstyles will help you cover your forehead if you feel it’s too big and some will help you highlight it. Just having a great style is not enough; it’s more important that it matches with your body. It is suggested to first do thorough research about it before getting a new cut. 

Know Your Hair Type

Just like the face shape is important, you also need to consider the natural type of your hair. You might be into a hairstyle that requires straight hair when you have natural curls. You will have to straighten them regularly to keep that new hairstyle.

If you don’t mind keep changing your hair type, then it’s not an issue. However, you should know that any procedure that requires the use of heat makes your hair weak. Here are basic hair types you should know about when choosing a hairstyle for yourself. 

1. Straight Hair

Straight hair is a desirable type in women. They are easy to maintain and you can make most hairstyles with them. You get up in the morning, simply run a brush through them and you are good to go outside. But this also means you won’t have any curls in your hair. This type usually rocks short hair. 

2. Curly Hair

These are the opposite of straight hair and take the most effort to maintain. There are fewer hairstyles for curly hair compared to straight hair, but it has the most attractive hairstyles to offer. They require patience and easily get tangled, but even a simple ponytail looks awesome with them. 

3. Wavy Hair

Wavy is the most loved look in women. It’s a mixture of straight and curly hair that works best with all types of buns, braids, and up-dos. Just leaving them be looks like you have a hairstyle. 

4. Coily Hair

These wonderful locks have a class of their own. They also require extra care like the use of moisturizers and conditioners to keep their springiness. It would take even more maintenance if you tried hairstyles that require straight hair. 

How Much Effort You’re Willing to Put

Before you choose any hairstyle, you must learn how much effort it is going to need. There is no point of the getting that haircut if you can’t find the time or energy to make it every morning. This is why you must also see your own nature and how much time you are willing to give to your hairstyle. Many women also prefer a minimalist look but the one that suits them. 

If you are to choose a hairstyle that requires a different type of hair, you will have to straighten or curl them every few days. Some hairstyles also require the use of hair gel and bobby pins to ensure they stay in the position you want them. 

Make a Gradual Change

Even after shortlisting so many hairstyles using these filters, you will still have a list and a fear to try them. Change is not easy and it would be better to make gradual changes. For example, if you have to cut your hair short, you should do it in segments.

Cut hair a little according to the hairstyle you want. Give it a week or month to get used it. If you think it’s working, you can cut more hair in episodes until you reach that shorter version style you wanted. 

This slow change makes the transition easy not only for you, but for the people around you. They might time take to get used to your new look if it’s the first time you are doing it.

This approach helps you better understand whether that style you are trying is going to work or not. 

Keep Experimenting to Find the One

It’s not impossible but unlikely that you will find the best hairstyle for yourself in the first try. It takes years for most and that also after a lot of experimenting.

If you don’t want to keep putting your hair at risk, you can choose to wear wigs of your favorite styles. However, you should also first learn about the types and density in wigs that would best suit you, so no money is wasted on something that you are not going to use. 

While wigs are a great approach, they can be expensive for many women. The other approach is to make a list of the best hairstyles according to the factors discussed in this article and try them one by one. If you try them in the right order, you won’t have to put a lot of effort into it.

For example, you should try medium hair first if you are going from long hair to short hair. Try all curls and colors in one sequence, so there is no need to keep straightening them over and over again.