Must Stay at Home? Don’t Miss Out on Education!

By  //  August 21, 2020

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Nowadays it is important to find solutions to proceed with work and education while staying at home. One of the hot topics during the Covid-19 pandemic is the closure of schools and university facilities.

Nowadays it is important to find solutions to proceed with work and education while staying at home. One of the hot topics during the Covid-19 pandemic is the closure of schools and university facilities.

Google steps in with its Google classroom web service to help students and teachers continue studying from home. Not only it provides the solution in the current situation that the world is facing, but it can also be used going further, to increase productivity and decrease expenses.

Google classroom functions as a mission control center so that teachers can connect to each of their classes, their students, and track progress.

It also allows students to achieve more with their teachers by enjoying some of the same features. Assignments can be distributed, feedback can be sent, and everything can be instantly and easily provided to students and teachers in a paperless setting.

For teachers, they can create a class with just a few clicks of a button. They can add each of their students to the class by sending them the class code or importing a large group from Google groups. Assignments can be created within the application and copies sent to every student.

Teachers are able to see who has completed the assignments and which students are still working on their assignments.

For students, everything is located in one place so they can each join the class with one click and have all classroom materials available at their fingertips.

Students can start conversations privately with her teacher, or they can ask a question to the entire class in real-time. Assignments can be viewed on the application and submitted.

Anything that is contained within Google Docs, the Drive files, or links can all be attached to the assignment. Photos can be taken and attached to the assignment as well.

This collaborative solution saves money for academic institutions given that it is free of charge. It takes a matter of minutes for everything to be set up and once it is set up it affords instant communication and collaboration between teachers and students.

Better Organization

Archiving in the vault is a newer functionality which enables organizations to keep all on the record chats and emails in a separate archive location.

This application is one of the few which does cost five dollars per month, per user but by using the vault application you are able to manage, retain, export, and search for individual conversations. There are retention periods designed for all communication which can be altered. 

■ Data can be retained for a specific number of days or indefinitely depending on which is best suited for the individual user or company. 

■ Policies can be specified for entire domains or they can be contingent upon organizational units, specific terms, or date ranges. 

■ With the Google-powered search functionality users can quickly find valuable content needed even if the account is now closed.  

This is a very smart way for academic institutions to gather information necessary for a legal team and to prevent data loss whenever there is employee turnover.

Businesses, even academic ones, could face lawsuits at any given juncture and the vault application allows all legal teams to be prepared for any litigation.

It also allows users to export messages that are retrieved by way of search engines and to regularly audit messages and searches.

Increasing Savings 

Individual institutions can decrease the number of help end increase savings otherwise spent on maintenance by integrating a simple and reliable solution for all emails, calendars, and more.

This sustainable infrastructure is affordable given it’s free cost to academic institutions and is reliable. All questions can be routed through Google customer service at any time thus alleviating the need to keep IT staff in house.

Organizations can be in powered by the resources that are offered through Google as well. Not only are there opportunities to integrate this information and all of these applications free of charge but there are multiple tools and resources provided to every user such that they gain familiarity immediately upon making the decision to integrate the application suite.

All questions can be answered, costs for training can all but disappear when every teacher and student is afforded the opportunity to simply view tutorials via the Google application system. 

Once you have the perfect solution for your educational needs from home it’s time to find a solution for your personal needs.

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Now, that you have educated yourself on online gaming, you can get some rest and return back to the Google Classroom. It is becoming an interesting fact in the world that studying or working from home will remain popular even after the pandemic situation is over.

There are some countries in the world that allowed their workers to return back to offices, however, there are many companies, who gave an option to their workers to continue working from home. For an employer it is more convenient, because it can save him lots of money on paying travel expenses, utilities, and other expenses connected to running an office.

For an employee it is convenient, as well – he does not need to spend time and money on travelling to work, he stays at a convenient place, close and available to family, and much more.

Those are some of the reasons, why familiarizing yourself with Google Classroom and other similar tools can be a successful future for you.