Rest Well: How to Choose the Sheets

By  //  August 6, 2020

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“Three things above all modern man must learn to become healthy and complete: the art of rest, the art of contemplation, the art of laughter and smiling.”

“Three things above all modern man must learn to become healthy and complete: the art of rest, the art of contemplation, the art of laughter and smiling.”

A hectic world, in which time has become a rare resource. There is less and less time to rest, but there is an increasing need for that rest to be of quality. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to feel energized, energetic and ready to face a new day at work.

Mattress, sheets and bedding are essential elements to sleep well. Here is a quick guide to choosing the best sheets for a satisfying rest in all seasons!

Fresh in summer and warm in winter: seasonal sheets

A good sleep is built starting from the room temperature, which ideally must be between 15 and 19 ° C. Does it seem too rigid? Do not worry, the right sheets will keep you warm, which must be able to combine comfort with style.

Before establishing the hardness and elasticity of the mattress, it is a good idea to carefully select the materials with which the body will be in direct contact.

There are bedding fabrics suitable in every season for a comfortable rest, ensuring the optimal temperature during the night.

The best sheets are those in natural and breathable fabrics that limit sweating, thanks to the minimal presence of chemical agents in the composition.

But it is possible to choose the type of bed linen materials also according to the season. In summer, choose linen, a robust but fresh fabric, or percale, precious and velvety.

Even on the hottest night, these fabrics will guarantee you a happy rest, preventing you from constantly turning over in bed in search of some relief from the heat.

In winter, the must have are the soft and warm flannel sheets, which manage to maintain the temperature while avoiding the heat hood effect. Soft to the touch, resistant to frequent washing.

How to rest well: the best materials for perfect sheets

It is possible to draw up a real list of the perfect fabrics for an ideal rest. Let’s find out the best bedding fabrics together!

Cotton flannel

As anticipated, this type of sheets is well suited to the autumn and winter period. The typical surface offers a feeling of hairy softness to the touch.

A resistant, but light material, worked to retain air well: an excellent thermal insulator. To sleep well in a comfortable embrace. For your info, you can buy here if you want high quality cotton bed sheets.

Mixed linen

Among the best sheets for an optimal rest are those in linen and cotton, a mixed and resistant fabric, which balances the absorption and release of moisture. This material is a favorite of lovers of natural fibers. Ideal for the summer, it is also chosen by those who do not particularly suffer from the cold in winter, accompanied by the right blanket.

Pure cotton

If you really can’t stand the heat, the advice is to opt for a light cotton fabric. Pure cotton is a washing-resistant material, which absorbs moisture well and gives a feeling of freshness even on the hottest nights. A choice of well-being!

Percale cotton

This light cotton fabric is born from the interweaving of very thin and thick yarns. A feeling of fine velvet, fresh and resistant. Percale sheets are versatile: ideal in spring and summer, they dress the bed well in other seasons as well. Luxury and style.

Cotton satin

The glossy surface makes the effect of the cotton satin sheets very similar to silk. A feeling of uniformity to the touch, an elegant wrapping for your rest.

Hypoallergenic material, which adapts to the body temperature according to the seasons, to give you freshness in summer and warmth in winter.

In the end, choose sheets that match your needs and expectations.