3 Amazing Mail Tracking Extensions on Chrome

By  //  September 29, 2020

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Emails are an essential part of anyone’s professional work.

A lot of tasks and communication are done through emails. However, some emails get lost, and we wonder what happened to them.

There is no feature to get insights if the email has been delivered or not. Another annoying aspect of communicating through email is asking the colleagues if they have opened and checked our email. It creates a sense of chaos in our professional behavior.

Or sometimes, you would prefer to schedule your mail timing sometime later because of the later work priorities.

Thus, if you also wonder how to control emails better and get an organized feeling, you need to know about the fantastic email Chrome extensions.

But first,


A Chrome extension is a small software program, makes web browsing better and smooth. You can customize your browsing experience by adding various extensions to customize the priority basis.

Extensions are shared through the Chrome Developer Dashboard and published to the Chrome Web Store. After adding these extensions, they appear on the top bar, where you can pin them according to your requirement. They can also be unpinned if you wish not to use a particular extension.


These are 3 best email extensions available in the Google web store to make your emailing experience hassle-free.


If you want to have access to the mail insights to have an organized arrangement in your professional life, then the mailtrack Chrome extension is your answer. It offers features like knowing when the email was delivered, and the receiver has opened or not. A single tick means that the email has been delivered, and the double ticks suggest that the email has been opened.

This Chrome extension is specially designed to get a better understanding of your emails, and is the best free mail tracker for Gmail.


It is the ultimate productivity booster tool available on the Chrome Webstore. It allows you to schedule emails and track the responses. Boomerang also offers AI to compose better emails.

You can also add reminders to the important emails to keep track of the responses. So, you may write an email now and schedule it for tomorrow at noon.


Finally, this one is also an excellent choice of Chrome mail tracking extension. Doing business was never easy without Yesware. It offers an easy interface for users to keep track of their emails.

Get notified when the receiver has received and opened the email, and remove the back and forth hassle while scheduling a meeting. It saves time and gives you a better and organized way to keep a record of your important emails.

You can also create multi-touch and personalized campaigns with this Chrome extension. This way, you can send the same information in different formats.


After using these Chrome extensions, you will realize what you were missing the whole time. It will boost your productivity and make you aware of every detail of your emails. Moreover, they are safe to use extensions and do not share your information with any third party.

Just add these mail tracking extensions to Google Chrome and save a lot of time.