3 Ways to Stay Connected While Staying Home

By  //  September 17, 2020

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Staying Connected Even from Home

With so many problems and complications, it’s easy for them all to blend together, but one key issue most people are facing right now is staying connected from home.

In unprecedented times, everything is a challenge. Surely, by now, you are feeling this like never before. With so many problems and complications, it’s easy for them all to blend together, but one key issue most people are facing right now is staying connected from home.

Those who need to work from their house need reliable internet and WiFi connectivity, for example.

With that thankfully taken care of in many cases, others are just going to be lacking real social connections. Finally, others will be missing out on news and current events as they sit around and stop interacting with the actual world like normal.

No matter which of these — or other — camps you fall into, you’re probably finding it hard to stay connected. That’s where the following tips come into play.

Those who need to work from their house need reliable internet and WiFi connectivity that can be checked at speedcheck.org, for example.

Try to consider these three areas and these challenging times may become just a little bit more manageable.

1. Social Media

Sometimes, especially when it comes to breaking news, nothing moves quicker than social media. If you log in to Twitter, for example, you will usually see the first reports from any major event.

You will even see regular people and influencers commenting on the news and adding key context. Those on the scene will also share video and first-hand info that might not surface into larger reporting until hours — or days — later.

That said, using social media for breaking news is a bit of a double-edged sword. If journalism is the first draft of history, social media can be more seen as the first rumors. Some of it is great, vital info. There is a lot of noise mixed in with the signal, however. So you need to be careful. Only trust credible sources and curate the right profiles so that you aren’t led astray about important events as they break.

2. Local News

The media has gotten a bad name in recent years. Some of this is earned. There is a lot of sensationalism, and some topics just get beaten into the ground. The “fake news” label has become something of a meme that is unfair and generally untrue. Professional journalists mostly do good work and report only verified, solid information. Still, it’s easy to see why some people have grown increasingly skeptical.

Nevertheless, the real, professional news is still the best we have. If you want to know what’s going on in the world, it is the best source. There are other resources to add to the mix as well, but especially when trying to keep up with news in your own area, you can get tremendous value when you watch local news channels.

Really, nothing can beat it for real-time coverage and that is a major reason so many people have wisely maintained a cable connection in their home. If a storm is looming or a local political battle is boiling over, these local sources will often offer the best coverage.

3. Real-World Contacts

When you spend so much time at home, it’s easy to lose contact with people. Hopefully, you’re finding ways to stay connected with your closest loved ones, but that doesn’t always happen with acquaintances, casual contacts, and even many co-workers. In normal times, these are great sources of info. Maybe it’s just getting a movie review or word-of-mouth recommendation about a new restaurant. Still, this is key to remaining in the loop about all sorts of things.

This is why it’s important to make an effort. At least try to shoot a text or email out to some of the other people in your life that you may not otherwise talk to that often. Even better is a Zoom call or actual phone conversation. Remember those? Give it a try some time and you’ll be amazed how much you can pick up. It will probably even benefit your mental health at the same time.

Staying Connected Even from Home

It’s hard to feel connected to the world if you’re trapped inside apart from it all. The right approaches, however, can make it easy to maintain contact with the news, events, and people you rely on to stay informed.

Start by having a good social media strategy that adds to your knowledge — and doesn’t add misinformation. Rely on the local news broadcasts on TV to remain informed. And don’t forget to check in with the actual people you know who can help keep you up to date.

No, it probably won’t be quite as good as actually being out there in the real world and seeing things yourself. Even when staying home, though, you can stay connected.