Five Tips from a Manager to Create the Perfect Resume

By  //  September 2, 2020

Five tips to an incredible resume

A resume shows what you are as a professional and no matter how qualified you are, you won’t get a call for an interview unless you have a great resume. (Shutterstock image)

A resume shows what you are as a professional and no matter how qualified you are, you won’t get a call for an interview unless you have a great resume.

You have to show all your experience and skills within one or two pages in a precise manner.

One single mistake could lose you a job before you even got the opportunity to prove yourself. It’s important to learn how to create an outstanding resume because you can’t always hire a professional for every little update.

Find a Professional Template

The very first thing you need to do is find a great template for your resume.

There are hundreds of ready-made templates that were designed by professionals.

Most of them are in PDF format that is not editable. You can checkout edit PDF services online to update those templates according to your needs.

Make sure you use a simple yet elegant template. It shouldn’t be very colorful and pretentious.

Don’t Write Too Much Personal Information

It’s the most common mistake professionals make. They think that they have to fill all the pages and the more the merrier.

Adding multiple pages to your resume doesn’t make you look experienced. The employer is only going to scan it within ten seconds.

He will read the portion of your previous jobs to see if you have done anything relevant to the current job.

Simply mentioning your name is more than enough. There is no need to give your home address and links to personal social media profiles.

You should, however, add a link to the LinkedIn profile. Also avoid the use of your pictures on the resume.

Avoid Writing Paragraphs About Yourself

It’s become customary to write a short introductory paragraph at the start of the resume.

First of all, it’s not mandatory. You should only write it if you have something to say that would immediately impress the employer.

Make sure that even that doesn’t take more than two lines. Other than that, don’t write any sentence at all and describe things is phrases.

Make it Specific to One Profession

Many people write one resume and apply for more than one type of job with it.

They try to create one generic resume, which is a very bad idea. You should make it specific to one profession and focus on skills that the employer is looking for.

It creates a great impression if you write your profession below your name.

For example, you can write John Wick, Professional Assassin (below name). This shows that your focus is on only one profession.

Be Specific About Experience Dates

If you have added past professional experience, be sure to mention exact dates after writing the company name.

Write the month and year you started that job and the month and date you left that job. The years of experience hold an important significance and employers always calculate it.

They also see if there is any gap between the jobs that wasn’t mentioned on the resume.