From Rags To Riches — Alex Saenz’s Real Estate Success Story

By  //  September 25, 2020

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Alex Saenz is a new age real estate titan and entrepreneur who has reached the heights of extreme success through his hard work and sheer determination. 

Growing up in a modest background in West Phoenix with a broken family, Saenz’s life started off challenging.

His early days were spent under tough mental trauma with Saenz going through bouts of depression.

In spite of his personal demons, he was academically inclined and a determined worker, which led to a successful high school endeavor. He was determined to grit his way through college and get a solid corporate job.

Sometime in 2015 the concept of real estate investing took centre stage in his life though, and Saenz took a plunge into the real estate business with no financial or moral support.

Backed by the $500 that he had in his pocket, he went ahead to walk his entrepreneurial journey with only a large dose of self confidence and a positive outlook.

It took Alex Saenz an arduous nine months to crack his first deal which took him from nothing to $13,000, giving him the push he needed to stay in business.

He says, “At 19 with just $200 left in my account, this deal came as a big respite and changed the entire scenario.

I was back in business, having made up my mind to make a strong foothold in the real estate industry I went ahead and closed twelve more deals which were worth $120,000 in revenue”.

This was the turning point in his life and soon he had hired two sales professionals by 2016, which grew to five by 2017, and has since never looked back.

With a talented sales team behind him, he founded his foremost real estate company named, ‘Home Equity Pros’ which made an astounding 62 deals worth $615,000 in its first year of business.

With his continuous growth and success he went ahead and co-founded a new business, ‘All In Entrepreneurs’ with two more partners. Today at the age of 23, he runs more than ten successful companies which includes a solar company, real estate, investments and software.

His ‘All in Entrepreneurs’ team is dedicated on educating other budding entrepreneurs with in depth knowledge of real estate investing and entrepreneurship.

“I want to help the new generation with my knowledge on the subject and make them self reliant and successful,” says Saenz his purpose is very clear and his methods are undeniable, this won’t be the last time you hear about Alex and his companies.

Learn more about Alex Saenz on his YouTube channel and his Instagram.