How to Recover Data from a Clicking Hard Drive

By  //  September 16, 2020

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Clicking hard drive is one of the worst and terrible issues for a computer. It seems too cumbersome when you are losing your data but can’t do anything.

Clicking hard drive is one of the worst and terrible issues for a computer.

It seems too cumbersome when you are losing your data but can’t do anything. Let me specify why the hard drive clicking happens and how to recover data from There.

This isn’t a miracle, you have to go through a few processes to get your old damaging data.

Clicking hard drive why it causes?

Did you ever hear “Click, Click, Click” this kind of sound on your computer? Click of death is the exact name of this problem. Unfortunately, you may face this issue for various reasons such as physical damages, manufactures defects, etc. 

These are the actual problem which can damage your data desperately. Sometimes it destroys the whole computer function forever without leaving a chance to recover. Here are some significant issues which could cause Clicking hard drive (Click of Death).

Physical Damage

Talk about the most ordinary culprits of clicking hard drive that is physical damage. Mainly, using the old hard drive is responsible for this problem. Alternatively, if water drops on the hard drive or fell down can cause physical damage.

Electrical Problems

Countless countries have electricity problems, and most of them deliver a defective power supply unit. Because of that, the hard drive couldn’t receive real power, and that damage a lot.

Service Area Issue

There has an area called the service area. This is a store for keeping your data magnificently. If that area got any damage, literally click of death will happen assuredly.

Damaged Disc Platter

Sometimes there have chances to get sustained damages in the disc platter. Indeed, a damages disc platter could be a functional reason for the clicking problem.

Manufacturer’s Defect

Another particular reason for clicking hard drives is the manufactures defect. It’s a rare problem, but there have some chances of losing data. Because of faulty parts, these effects causes mostly. Also, read or write head misalignment and ‘wear and tear’ cause click of death problem.

How to recover data from a clicking hard drive exactly?

So, now you already obtain what things are mainly causing the clicking. “When there has a problem, there is a solution,” truly I assume this thought. 

When you hear the sound of clicking, already atrocious damage has been done. Only 10% of the chances you will get for recovering your data. 

90% of people can’t recover their precious data because that already deleted. Indeed, you can’t fix this issue on your own. So, how do you recover data from a clicking hard drive?

If the hard drive still workings, then you have to back-up all the data as quickly as possible

80% time backup tools don’t work with a hard drive. That is why take it to the manufactures or any professionals.

Final verdicts

Everyone wants to avoid this clicking hard drive issue, but only a few can recover their data from that issue. Unfortunately, there has less chance to recover data and hopefully, there will be more ways to fix it soon.