Real Estate Youtube Marketing

By  //  September 10, 2020

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Make your titles compelling and clickable

After YouTube had its breakthrough and people realized its worth, there was no looking back- the careers of millions of Videos took off at jet speed.

Videos have been the talk of the marketers’ town for the longest time.

After YouTube had its breakthrough and people realized its worth, there was no looking back- the careers of millions of Videos took off at jet speed!

Today, most marketers depend highly on video content to appeal to their audiences. The reason for this is simple- more genuine interaction. Science shows that anything a person sees and hears is more likely to stay with them than something the person only sees/reads. Besides, videos convey the exact tone and purpose of content, thereby opening many ways to appeal to the ones watching them.

When it comes to real estate, videos make just as big an impact as it does in any other industry. A carefully designed YouTube channel with all required points ticked off can take your company to heights.

Through this interaction with your prospects, you can understand the requirements of your targets better, thereby allowing you to go the extra mile by predicting any further requirements they might have.

Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Marketing on YouTube

Making videos for your YouTube channel might sound overwhelming at first but it really is not that tough. You have tons of tools, most of which are free, to help you with it. There are video editors, movie and intro makers, etc to help you make the best videos according to your plans.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you set up your YouTube channel without a sweat.

Design your YouTube channel with creativity: When you first set up your YouTube channel, it is important to get crazy creative with it. At first, you will need a plan to follow. You don’t always have to stick to it, but your plan gives you the direction. Chalk out the essential requirements best suited to real estate- like your target audience, main video topics, vision, mission, goal, etc. Make it as good as you can with information specific to serve your purpose.

Update the ‘About’ section with rich information about your company: Use the ‘About’ section of your YouTube channel to add all the important information about your company. Things like location, range of prices, facilities provided can help you market real estate. Thus, adding anything that will help your clients understand your authenticity and goals will bring in more value to your channel. Select a tone most relatable by your audience and stick to it till you find a better one.

Make videos with top-notch content to actually add value for your viewers: Don’t fret about how to edit your videos for YouTube. It is quite easy. There are several software and applications that help you make great videos. What you should worry about is your content. When you plan the content of your video, make sure you are adding value for your audience to look forward to.

Remember, your targets for real estate marketing belong to all kinds of professions in life. Try to find out if you can do something by interweaving their professional lives with your agenda. If the content helps them, they will consume it. If it doesn’t, they will see right through your campaign.

Make your titles compelling and clickable: Make your titles as compelling and appropriate as you can. Mention that you are talking about real estate here along with other keywords. You can get witty with them but don’t clickbait your viewers. Give them what you promise or make your clickbait irrevocably likable.

Include call to actions in your video using cards and other available options: YouTube gives you cards and in-video linking options; use them. Make optimal use of these tools to interact with your viewers. Add surveys if you like and design it around your audience. Ask for their opinions and execute the good ones.

Design appropriate thumbnails to convey the purpose of your video: Use thumbnails to attract your audience and make sure it is something that they will be able to relate to. Use bright colours to grab their attention and give them a reason to binge-watch your videos.

Write rich video descriptions with SEO and the context of the video in mind: Make your video descriptions as rich in information as possible. Use SEO to enable new viewers to find your videos. Explain the context of the video and add links for their reference.

Add subtitles to your videos for silent watching: Add subtitles to enable silent watching for your viewers. Subtitling will also help the ones with hearing impairment to enjoy your content, thereby making your channel more inclusive.

Make playlists out of similar videos or for videos with similar goals: Always add similar videos into a playlist so that your audience can watch one after the other based on their requirements. This helps you organize and manage your channel better.

Keep a tight watch on the analytics and how the metrics are behaving: Always keep a tough watch on your analytics. Take note of anything that might be affecting the reach on your videos. Experiment and determine your course of action based on your analytics.


Here is the link to a movie maker that will help you make great videos for your channel:

As a company aiming to reach out through YouTube, make sure you have solid campaigns and a strong purpose to attract loyal clients and followers.