The Fun & Funky InMotion V11

By  //  September 13, 2020

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When manufacturers talk about a new generation product, you can usually expect some updated styling, a little tweaking of performance, and a new whizzy name. But then comes along a product which embodies innovation at its best.

When manufacturers talk about a new generation product, you can usually expect some updated styling, a little tweaking of performance, and a new whizzy name.

But then comes along a product which embodies innovation at its best.

The Inmotion V11 has taken a user’s wish list, ramped it up a dozen notches, and produced a product that just blows away the competition. But before we get going on all the amazing features, a little background information.

Electronic Unicycles

You’ve probably familiar with electric bicycles and scooters. Often promoted as a ‘last mile’ vehicle to help commuters travel short distances, these small personal electric vehicles (PEVs) bridge the gap between a travel hub and the office or home.

The most recent entry to the market is the electric unicycle. Consisting of a single wheel that is straddled by the rider, they self-balance in the same way as a Segway or hoverboard.  While they make look like a fun toy for the kids, they are actually a very viable alternative transport option. And while we cannot deny that they are a lot of fun, you only have to see the features of the Inmotion V11 to be convinced of the way in which they could transform the daily commute.

Inmotion V11

The Inmotion V11 is built with the features needed by professional riders, and we can see why it’s upgraded performance has earnt it the nickname ‘King of Off-road.’ So, without further delay, let’s take a look at why this might be the electronic unicycle which the other brands will need to catch up with.


Powered by a brand new self-developed motor, Inmotion has provided the V11 with an output rated at 2200W and a maximum output of up to 3000W. Thanks to this awesome power, you’re going to find that you can breeze up hills with an incline of up to 35 degrees.

Under ideal conditions, you’ll also be able to reach speeds of up to 31mph, which is just under 50 kmh. The V11 is powered by two separate and collaborative LG batteries that have been embedded into the motor. This then results in a lower center of gravity, which in turn provides the rider with an improved handling experience.

The V11 can be fully charged in five hours using dual chargers and 10 hours with a single charger, and from that, you can expect a maximum range of 75 miles or 120km. The great design of the battery system means that they can work independently, so that means should one battery fail when you’re out riding, then the other battery will still provide enough power to get you where you need to be.

This is the very first electric unicycle to feature built-in adjustable suspension, and it does this with an awesome 2.75inches (8.5 cm) of travel. That means that potholes present no issues and even off-road, it performs with an incredibly smooth ride, something which your knees are going to thank you for. When this is coupled with the 18 x 3 inch treaded tire, this is the ultimate go-anywhere ride.

Rider Features

One of the problems with other electric unicycles can be the comfort of the user experience with comments often being made about the inadequate side paddings. Well, Inmotion has taken this on board, and the V11 has padding, which is three times larger than the ones on the V10F, and we just know that’s going to mean a much more comfortable ride.

Inmotion also listened to the feedback from the community when they told them that on earlier models, the pedals were slippery and uncomfortable. The V11 provides 20% more friction from using the rough pedal grip often utilized by other brands.

Then there has always been the issue of what to do with your electric unicycle when you need to jump off briefly. Whether you needed to answer your phone or grab a drink, you were often left in a situation of having to lay your unicycle on the ground. Inmotion has addressed this by making the V11 the very first product with a built-in stand.

The manufacturers have looked at every feature when designing the V11, and so that means that even the carry handle has had an upgrade and is now a lot stronger than it has been previously. There’s also a fold-up handle, which means that you can roll the V11 next to you in the same way you would a suitcase.

The V11 has a maximum rider load of or 265lbs (120kg) and weighs 60lbs (27kg.)

Safety Features

The V11 features both a headlamp and a taillight, and the use of the 7800lux means that it’s the brightest of any electric unicycle currently on the market. Inmotion has achieved this by utilizing the same technology used in cars, not only for the headlamp but also for the rear stoplight. A day running light is always on when riding, which really helps with visibility in low light conditions.

The V11 has been fitted with anti-spinning functionality, which ensures your safety when lifting the wheel. Tested at over 100,000 clicks, this new safety feature is one we think should become a standard for all-electric unicycles; it takes just one press to cut off the power and avoid accidents.

Inmotion App

Users of the V11 can also gain access to the Inmotion App. Using a Bluetooth connection, you can monitor your unicycles speed, mileage, and potential range. There are also options to adjust and lock in the range of the bright central headlight, which is a great way of avoiding the hassle of setting this up each and every time you ride.

The app also provides a quick and easy way of getting in touch with Inmotion customer service and connecting with other riders.


The V11 takes the electronic unicycle into new territory. Not only have Inmotion listened to and acted on the feedback from its user community, but they have improved and enhanced every aspect of the cycle. From performance to rider experience and safety, Inmotion has truly proven its position at the top of the pack with the innovative V11.