Things to Do When Moving Out

By  //  September 15, 2020

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Check and Double-Check

So you’ve decided to move out of the home you’re living in and perhaps rent somewhere else or purchase your dream home. Now it’s time to consider all the things you need to do when moving out of the home. Here are five important things to do when moving out.

So you’ve decided to move out of the home you’re living in and perhaps rent somewhere else or purchase your dream home.

Now it’s time to consider all the things you need to do when moving out of the home. Here are five important things to do when moving out.

Organize your moving boxes

Your first step when moving out of your home is to organize packing boxes. Moving boxes are often available at storage companies, removalists, Bunnings and other retail stores that have boxes building up.

Be sure to cater to all your items, large and small with boxes of size to suit. Once you have organized your packing boxes, it’s time to start going through your home to pack items.

Pack items carefully and according to room; be sure to label each box with the room number or color and put a color on the room doors of the new home in the form of a sticky note. Be careful when packing large and fragile items; there are packing techniques to utilize for fragile items and large bulky items like your television.

Even it seems obvious, ensure that you use sturdy boxes and materials to pack with such as proper packing tape. Quality tape is important and sturdy boxes are essential especially for heavier items. Fragile items should be securely packed with bubble wrap, packing paper or newspaper.

This includes glassware and other kitchenware as well as ornaments and other decorative items from your home. Fill all of the gaps in the box with packing paper or newspaper so that fragile items don’t move when the box is transported. Taping the boxes up well is important and taping the doors of television unit cabinets and refrigerators is necessary along with taping down the plate in the microwave.

Any screens such as televisions or frames with glass should be double-wrapped for protection and it’s best not to overpack boxes otherwise they become too heavy. If you’re not sure on packing or can’t be bothered/don’t have the time, then use a professional packing and shipping service.

Be sure to keep items like toiletries and dinnerware in easy to access boxes so that you’re not rummaging through boxes trying to find things at the other end in your new home.

Check and Double-Check

Check each room of the entire house to see if any items have been left behind and not packed. It’s easy to forget a drawer or two when in a rush to pack.

Maybe you’ve overlooked a cupboard or something in the garage. Too many times things are left in sheds and garages so check every space of your home for forgotten items. Remove and dispose of all rubbish that is lying around and ensure you clean the home and outdoor space carefully and with excellent attention to detail. Start with one room and work your way throughout the entire house and patio plus backyard.

Clean up as much as you can and ensure that you have dusted and wiped down surfaces, cleaned out the oven and the stovetop. If you have a range hood, ensure that you clean the filters and that goes for the exhaust fan of the bathroom as well. Move out cleaning can be extensive, so it’s best to utilize a move out cleaning checklist.

Keep rags, cleaning agent, a vacuum and a mop aside from your packing so that you can fully clean the home. Wash the walls especially spots where there are marks whether it be from kids or pets. If you don’t wish to clean it yourself, hire a professional cleaning company or cleaner.

Make sure your old home is secure

Step three is to ensure the house is secure by making sure every window and door is locked including the basement and garage.

Have one person check over everything to ensure that all areas are locked and secured. Leave all keys behind for the new homeowners including the garage key.

People tend to forget that one! If you are renting, ensure you hand back all of the household’s keys to the real estate agent or landlord. Also, make sure you leave the mailbox key for the new tenants or homeowners.

Organize mail forwarding

Forward your mail. It might seem obvious but it is one thing that can be overlooked. Ensure that the bank, your telephone and internet company and your car insurer have your new address.

Additionally, make sure you update your address with all other subscriptions such as magazines or newspapers and other mailing items. Arrange to have your mail forwarded by a postal service in the meantime for any parcels that may arrive and leave your forwarding address with the real estate agent or new homeowners in case mail or parcels arrive.

Utilities, utilities, utilities 

Step five is to ensure that you disconnect the utilities. Companies for gas, electricity and water need to know that you have moved and so you can disconnect the services. Also, disconnect your broadband internet from the residence. Make sure you telephone the companies and let them know in advance the moving out date so there are no additional nasty surprise bills.

If you are a homeowner, ensure that you cancel your homeowner’s home and contents insurance as this is expensive and you need to cancel it as soon as you move out. If you are renting and have contents insurance, be sure to cancel it and take out a new policy for your new address.

There are important steps to do when moving out of your home and into a new property and following this guideline is pertinent for everyone. Make sure you leave the home in a good state as you would want to find it if you were moving in.

Should you need help moving, book trusted movers to come to your home and do the hard work for you.