Time Tasted Success Strategies Used by Hamza Majdi

By  //  September 3, 2020

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Hamza Majdi is a talented man raised in Montreal, Canada. He tasted victory as an independent business promoter, despite his challenging beginning. During his teenage years, he realized that he had to stride ahead to provide for a better future for not just himself but his family too. 

Although he was not prepared for the difficulties that awaited him, his mind was in the right place.

He was only 18 years old when he attended an event of 20,000 entrepreneurs on request of his friend. He leveraged the existing platform of a reputed company based on online travel, e-learning and fintech and scaled his business. To him, the sky became the only limit as he opted for a plug and play business venture.

His fixed costs were limited and he kept on touching new milestones without much initial investments and risks. Every time he stumbled, he re-doubled his enthusiasm and turned the situation to his favor. He consistently elevated his skills by attending network marketing seminars and mentorship coaching to further deepen his industry knowledge.

Following his passion through every obstacle, Hamza Majdi acquired sales in millions and he leads a team of best performers. Currently, he has over 40,000 distributors in over 15 countries and has generated a whopping $20 million in sales.

Success did not erase his humility. If you meet him, you will be surprised to see that he remains grounded and grateful. Truly worthy are those who always share their success with others he is one such person.

“Be the North Star of Your Team. Spend 99 percent of your time with your new Independent Business owners,”’ recommends Majdi.

Besides creating a huge team of distributors, his most significant achievement is to be able to help the newcomers to become the leading producers of the industry and watch them progress continuously. He is in constant touch with their needs, their desires and is abreast of what motivates them to do better in their lives.

Such hands-on mentoring cuts out their learning curve and helps accelerate the success rates of those who aspire to make it big. To know more about Hamza Majdi follow his official Instagram account.