Tricks to Increase Your Sweepstakes Prize Winning Chance to Maximum

By  //  September 23, 2020

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Most people think that winning a sweepstake is a matter of luck, but we beg to differ.

Sure, whether you make it to the winner’s list during a lucky draw depends a lot on your good fortune, but there are many tried and tested ways to greatly improve your giveaway winning chances.

Let us discuss some ideas that could help you bring home sweepstake prizes.

Read the Rules

“20% of sweepstake participants get disqualified because they do not match the criteria”

There are many people who skip this simple thing in a hurry to fill and submit sweepstake forms. As many as 20% of sweepstake participants get disqualified because they do not match the criteria mentioned. This is something that you can easily avoid by reading the rules carefully!

Moreover, on reading the fine print of a sweepstake, you get to know how many entries are allowed. Many sweepstakes allow multiple entries, but people aren’t using it all up because they are not aware of it.

Participate Regularly

“Persistence is the key to win sweepstake prize”

Since winning a giveaway relies a lot on probability, participating regularly increases your chances of winning. Instead of entering sweepstakes once in a while, spend 15 to 20 minutes every day for the task. It would expose you to a greater variety of sweepstakes, and entering multiple sweepstakes improves your chances of winning.

Use an Autocomplete App

You want to enter multiple sweepstakes every day, but that is time-consuming as you need to fill all your details over and over again. Using an autocomplete app like Robofill can reduce your efforts and time involved. But remember to give a second glance to the form before submitting it. While using Autofill apps is fine, stay away from Autosubmit software as using them would get you disqualified.

Keep information that most of giveaways required in personal notes, so whenever you’re doing entry it’s easy to copy, paste and enter.

Diversify Your Entries

Rather than entering sweepstakes with grand takeaway prizes, participate in ones that offer multiple prizes or draw at frequent intervals. If you are entering national level sweepstakes, you are up against many people. Your chances of winning are more if you enter local sweepstakes. You can also search for sweepstakes which limit the number of participants on the basis of age or other criteria. You can also enter in ending soon sweepstakes at last minute to increase the chance of winning.

Track Your Entries

Make a worksheet on your laptop and keep track of all the sweepstakes that you have entered. This will help you remember which giveaways you have already entered, and which ones are left. Also, mention the date of entry of each sweepstake as many contests allow you to participate again after a week or month.

Proofread Your Entry

Many people misspell their email addresses or phone numbers on their sweepstake forms. This could easily happen if you are trying to enter multiple sweepstakes in a short time span. It makes it difficult for the organizers to contact you in case you win. So breathe a little and proofread your form before clicking on the submit button.

Subscribe to Newsletters

“Anything is possible when you’ve the right tool”

You might find staying updated about sweepstakes a bit too time-consuming. Many a time, sweepstakes in which you would have had good chances of winning get lost somewhere in the long list on sweepstake websites.

An easy way to keep track of new sweepstake is subscribing to newsletters of sweepstake sites. All the updates will be delivered right to your mailbox, without the need for you to visit any website.

Recommended Sweepstakes Sites to Enter Daily











Follow social media handles of giveaway sites

A vast majority of us are pretty active on social media. Following the social media handles of big and small giveaway sites would keep you aware of new giveaways to enter.

Follow Facebook giveaway groups and relevant hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to stay on top of your game. Twitter and Instagram have geotagging features; use them to keep track of giveaway updates in your locality. You can use apps like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to follow business or influential accounts on Twitter.

Use Keywords Smartly

If you are searching for sweepstakes or giveaways on search engines or social media, use keywords strategically to maximize the results. You can search for phrases or hashtags like ‘win tickets’ or ‘win prizes’ or ‘get free’ to identify more giveaways.

Stay Away From Scams

While most sweepstakes are genuine, there are many scammers in the virtual world who leave no opportunity to exploit unsuspecting folks. Stay away from a sweepstake that asks you sensitive information like your bank details or your credit card number.

Check Your Mailbox Regularly

If you are entering sweepstake but not checking your mails timely, you would not come to know that have won a sweepstake. Keep your mailbox free of clutter so that it doesn’t get full and mails regarding sweepstake updates don’t bounce back.

You can also create a new email address solely for entering sweepstakes. This would help protect your personal info in case you accidentally enter a suspicious sweepstake.

Use these tricks and be consistent in entering sweepstakes. You might be able to see your name amongst the winners in a short time. But remember that sweepstakes are for fun; don’t think of monetizing them to get a regular income. Participate if you enjoy the process, and your name might go up next on the winners’ list.