What is a Soul Urge Number? All you Need to Know

By  //  September 5, 2020

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Everyone is supposed to have a soul urge number that determines their character, what drives them and what motivates them. In short, it’s a number that defines them as human beings.

It is a number that is supposed to define a person’s inner spirit. This heart’s desire number is what generally provides the driving force that pushes us through life. These numbers that different people have, basically define who they are.

Let’s go through the different character traits that are associated with a soul urge number.

How to Decode your Soul Urge Number

It’s a bit complicated to deduce your heart’s desire number but it’s basically derived from the vowels in your name and surname. It better suits our purpose here if we consider only how the final heart’s desire number determines your character.

Soul Urge Number 1

People with this number 1 seem to be allergic to authority. They feel those in positions of authority (parents, teachers or bosses in the workplace) are trying to control their lives and trying to control them.

They feel frustrated because they feel they have superior talents and capabilities but are not getting the recognition that they deserve. They possess great inner drive which helps them overcome recurring self-doubts.

Soul Urge Number 2

People with this heart’s desire number need constant affirmation about their own self worth from other people. If other people overwhelm them they have a tendency to retreat into themselves which observers see as a lack of self-confidence.

A tendency to always second guess oneself leads to indecisiveness about making the right choices. Rather sensitive in nature if people with this number can attain high levels of calmness and peace of mind if they manage to build trust in themselves.

Soul Urge Number 3

You can be intense. People with this number can be highly creative and imaginative in so many fields that it sometimes becomes difficult for them to focus and concentrate on one single vocation. The loss of self-confidence which results can lead to self-destructive behavior like drug or alcohol dependence.

Individuals with this number have a positive approach to life. They are witty, funny and their great sense of humor endears them to many people. They love to be looked up to and have great potential to achieve great fame and become role models for other people.

They tend to be disorganized in their personal lives and tend to appear to lack ambition and uncommitted to any meaningful goals in life. There is no shortage of critics for people with soul urge number 3 as people tend to think that they do not give their best in life

Number 4

People with this number tend to be loyal, dependable and trustworthy. Their stable, solid characters make for stable families. Many of these individuals rise to positions of authority because they are born leaders.

Heart’s Desire Number 5

Individuals with this number have sharp inquisitive minds and adventurous spirits. They can have trouble settling down and if they feel hemmed in by situations or circumstances they tend to rebel.