4 Best Budget-Friendly Devices for Every Student

By  //  October 2, 2020

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Do you remember there were times when everything students needed for studying were a pen, a pencil, a notebook, and a textbook?

Probably not, though it was not so long ago.

Modern students need much more than that. In order to have access to quality education and perform well academically, pen and paper have to be accompanied (or replaced) by a whole range of hi-tech devices.

Still, students are well known to be constantly short of money: only the lucky few can afford expensive items and gadgets. Others have to hunt for bargains that are both highly functional and affordable.

We know it’s never easy to make a choice, so we’ve done some research for you and are ready to share a list of the best budget-friendly devices to suit every student’s needs.

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1. Laptop

A laptop is the most essential device for any student. While having a desktop PC at home or in your dorm room is totally OK, it doesn’t give you half the flexibility that a laptop does. So, think about spendings on a laptop as an inevitable investment in your successful academic career.

Our choice: Samsung Chromebook 4+ 15.6”

Experts are unanimous about this one: it’s the best value device for its surprisingly low price of only about $300. For this money, you’ll get a decently working computer that’s thin and light, has a long-lasting battery, and a full-HD large screen. Surely, it has its flaws, but not so many as one would expect.

2. Smartphone

Smartphones are student’s best friends. Being more portable and easy to use on the go than laptops, they often do the job almost just as well.

Of course, it’s better not to use phones for serious assignments, but if you only need to write some notes while reading a blog article, they will do perfectly.

Our choice: Google Pixel 3a

This one’s been a confident leader for quite some time, and it’s not going to lose ground. The reason why it’s so popular among tech reviewers as the best pick for students is its price (around $400 for a new item) and great performance.

Among its obvious pros are decent battery life, a very nice camera, a great AMOLED display, a 3.5. headphone jack, and productivity that’s high enough for most tasks.

3. Tablet

Unlike the previous two gadgets, a tablet is not such an indispensable item. Still, it’s nice to have it at your disposal because it has its advantages compared to both a laptop and a smartphone.

Namely, it has a larger screen than a smartphone, which is better for your eyes and makes it easier to read helpful study materials from its screen. At the same time, it’s much more portable than a laptop.

Our choice:  Sony Experia Tablet Z

This Sony tablet has many amazing features that make it one of the best budget choices for students. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and has an awesome Full HD 10.1-inch display.

Among its other advantages are great connectivity (it can even work as a remote control for a TV set) and impressive sound provided by Clear Audio + and XCloud technologies.

4. External Hard Drive

This device may not come to mind first when considering all the necessary gadgets for students. Still, it’s quite essential. Data needs to be backed up, especially if it includes several month’s worth of hard work on an academic paper or a whole library of e-books.

Of course, cloud storage services can help, but there’s nothing better than the good old external hard drive.

Our choice:  Western Digital Elements

Western Digital’s external hard drives are extremely popular and always occupy the first lines in listicles and reviews. That’s for a reason: they are highly compatible and fast-performing, and, at the same time, retail at reasonable prices.

For example, you can buy a 1TB WD Elements external hard drive for less than $50, and if you need more space – they also come in variations up to 5 TB (104.99 on an official site).

More Ideas

There’s an infinite choice of useful devices any student would be happy to own. Here, in this article, we only listed the most essential and obvious ones, but there are many more nice gadgets that can make a student’s life easier and won’t cost a fortune.

For example, think of a reusable notebook (approximately $30), an anti-theft laptop backpack (prices start from about $30), or a folding bluetooth keyboard (approximately $20). You see: it’s quite possible to get fully packed for your studies even if you’re not a millionaire!