5 Effective Ways to Grow Views on Your YouTube Videos

By  //  October 30, 2020

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Baby Boomers are increasingly using YouTube and other video sharing platforms, such as Vimeo, to learn new skills, get information on a product before making a purchase, and also for entertainment purposes.

YouTube is perhaps the biggest entertainment sector that has ever been created. It is used by billions of people all around the world currently and has a great watch time. But it has also become on the biggest employment sector as well!

So if you have a channel and want some views on your videos, here are some tips to help you –

Upload Good Content

So this is the thing you should take care of the most. What content you offer to the viewers is the primary thing that will drive the audience to your videos.

And for good content, you need to first finalize the genre of your channel. You have to decide if your channel is about gaming or lifestyle or comedy or cooking or anything you want. After you decide that, you will have to focus on providing the audience with the best thing they can expect.

So you need to research well for a good topic and try to find something which is trending. People like to know about trending topics do find the one which is trending in your genre. Then you can focus on providing all the information that you think they should know.

Remember one thing that you need to provide every possible information on your video so that you can get an upper hand on all the others who are uploading on the same topic. So it is better if you do clear research and then add the information.

Focus On The Start

Whenever you meet someone unknown, what is the thing you look at first? It is always the face that you look at to form a rough sketch of the person.

Similarly, people also look at the starting of your video to decide if they want to stay or not. And the start basically means three things – the title, the thumbnail and the intro of your video. So you should first focus on making a creative and enthralling title.

Your title should be able to give the audience the notion that your video is the best. So make a good title to start with.

Next, you can focus on the thumbnail. It is a picture so you should try to provide some basic info about your video through that picture. Make it attractive, well-designed and creative.

Next, you can focus on the intro of your video i.e. the first 30-40 seconds of your video. When the audience clicks on your video, the first 30 seconds should make them stay on your video to the last. So make it interesting and creative.

Promote Yourself

Promotion is really needed if your want to get millions of views on your YouTube videos because, for views, you need people to know about your videos.

I know you will have some audience on your channel beforehand. But it is a fact that not all your audience watch your videos. Only 70-73% of your audience on YouTube watched your videos. And this will never be enough to increase the views.

That is why you should try to attract audiences from other places as well. And from other places, I mean social media.

You must have the three basic social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You have to attract your audience from there to your channel.

So whenever you upload any video, post it as highlights on your social media handles. This will make the audience aware of your videos and they will come to increase the views!

Take Help Of SEO

SEO is probably the best thing that can ever happen to you be it your business or your YouTube channel.

SEO basically means Search Engine Optimisation. In simple words, SEO is a type of system of Google which optimizes the search engine. This means that it filters the to you search and then ranks the best videos on the top.

And you can use this for your help. If you apply the SEO on your videos, those will be ranked among the top ones. So when a viewer searches for any topic say XYZ,  your video which has SEO enabled will be ranked on the top and the viewers will see it. Isn’t this increasing views?

Get YouTube Views

This is the easiest thing you can do if you want millions of views on your videos i.e. buy them!

There are a lot of legit websites which sell You Tube views, subscribers, likes, etc. for free. And you can use those sites to make some views on your channel. Similarly, you can attract some views as well! All you need to do is to search for those sites, select the plan of your choice and pay for it! And you will be done.

The best thing about these websites is that these offer real-time viewers as well. So if you did go on for buying subs, you will see some increased engagement on your channel as these subs you but are real time humans!

These were a few tips on how you can get a million views on your videos within a few days. Adios!